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Islamic Invasion Of Sweden Has Led To Rape Crisis

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Islamic Invasion Of Sweden Has Led To Rape Crisis.

A European nation becomes a rape capital — due to its immigration policies.



“If anyone did this to one of my daughters, I will bring ‘Jihad,’ to them!”

Patrick Ireland – Publisher of www.patrickirelandsreviews.com.



“Sweden is the rape capital of the Western world. The general public is unaware of the epidemic of Swedish rapes because there has been an orchestrated effort by mainstream media and the Swedish government to deliberately mischaracterize offenders and downplay the number of incidents. The significant increase in rapes is the direct result of Sweden’s open door refugee policy and denial of Muslim culture.

Muslim immigrant rapists believe that all non-Muslim and uncovered women can be lawfully taken for sexual use; hence rape and sexual assaults are justified. Appearance, particularly for women, is an important aspect of Sharia Islamic law. Modesty is how women achieve honor and to appear in anything revealing brings shame not only for her but for the entire family. Almost all Muslim governments encourage and even legally obligate women to dress modestly: at a minimum to wear a headscarf, in some countries a veil and in others a full body covering.”

Dawn Perlmutter













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Written By Dawn Perlmutter






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Published on 25 Sep 2017







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