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It’s A Wicked, Wicked World. Let’s Begin With Obamacare Shall We?


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These statutes are being written into a medical plan, that should be designed to help people? This is insanity!  Are we regressing back to the Dark Medieval Ages? Why is DHS sending any kind of “Medical Coding” to the states?  This has now been submitted through the World Health Organization, to be adapted as an International plan? What words can describe I.C.D. 9 and I.C.D. 10?  You decide for yourselves. Better to have eyes wide open than shut.

Many of the laws that you have forced on the american people through, “Executive Orders,” have been unconstitutionally derived, and did not follow the passing by congress, as set through the proper rules and procedures of government – Meaning, that most of these laws and bills can be easily dismantled by an incoming president. An example of this, The Trans Pacific Partnership was not passed through Congressional approval. This trade deal has been disastrous for the United States, and horrific for many other developed countries. Perhaps you should have followed the laws of the United States, before enacting legislation?

To be clear, the newly elected president can follow any mandate that the people gave him to roll back any laws, including trade deals that may have gone against the platform under which he ran his campaign. Did you hear that Mr. Obama? Donald Trump is the current elected, incoming president of the United States. The United States is a, “Democracy!”

At least you recognize and acknowledge the basic fact that your term has finished and that the democratic process has brought this matter to a final conclusion. Here is some good advice for you Mr. Obama, go home and write your biography. We have news for you Mr. Obama, you are not the king of this world. There is only one King, God our Creator and the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, who brought his message of Love and Peace to the Earth. We are saved! All the Glory goes to God Almighty. He is the only one who can cleanse the world of its Evil, and it is indeed a very wicked, wicked world.

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