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Jim Rogers Warns: Albert Edwards Is Right “Sell Everything & Run For Your Lives”

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Jim Rogers Warns: Albert Edwards Is Right “Sell Everything & Run For Your Lives.”


Sell Everything And Run For Your lives - Jim Rogers tells us that somet...

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“From Bitcoin to the Swiss gold referendum, and from Chinese trade and North Korean leadership, Jim Rogers covers a lot of ground in this excellent interview with Boom-Bust’s Erin Ade. Rogers reflects on the end of the US bull market. citing a number of factors from breadth to the end of QE, adding that he agrees with Albert Edwards’ perspective that now is the time to “sell everything and run for your lives,” as the “consequences of [The Fed] are now being felt.” Most notably though, Rogers believes the de-dollarization is here to stay as Western sanctions force many nations to find alternatives. Simply put, Rogers concludes, “we are all going to pay a terrible price for all this money-printing and debt.”

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