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Lakota – The Star People ( 2016 ) * A Message For All Of Humanity *

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Ly O Lay Ale Loya (Circle Dance) ~ Native Song.


Ly O Lay Ale Loya (Circle Dance) ~ Native Song

Lakota – The Star People ( 2016 ) * A Message For All Of Humanity. *


Published on 2 Jan 2012

~ “May the Creator bless you all with health and happiness! ~ Some Natives might think that this doesn’t sound old traditional Native to their ears. But these fellows in my Lakota – Star People video are real Native Americans from Lakota tribe and they are part of the Healing World Ceremonies. Many Native artists today are switching from the one-way monotone style to more sharing & understanding style which is the key to unite all four colours people to bring the message of the world of sharing and understanding between each other so no more war dance will ever need to be played anymore. ” We are everybody brothers and sisters and we have to walk away from our shadows to see the beauty of our homes “
Little Crow


“The Star Nations was the most crucial of all entities because the thought of other races communicating with the grassroots [indigenous] people would create a major threat to the religious systems, the economy and educational system of any government. The greatest fear in the governmental structures was the knowledge that all forms of `Star Governments’ had no monetary systems within their governing structures. Their (Star Visitors’) system was based on the mental, spiritual and universal laws with which they were too mentally and spiritually intelligent to break. The collapse of the monetary system within the United States Government and the Religious Denominations became a National Security issue, and so it became an easier task to make the Lakota/Dakota belief system illegal to participate [in] and practice.”
Standing Elk added that “The Lakota/Dakota Medicine Men are now being instructed to share spiritual knowledge of the Star Nations, because of the contamination of Mother Earth and the pollution of the air.”

Richard Boylan, PhD.

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Written By Richard Boylan, PhD.
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Blue Star Kachina.


The Hopi Blue Star Kachina


Oglala Lakota.

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Steve Quayle and Tom Horn.

ET ORIGINS – SECRETS OF THE STAR PEOPLE – The Movie – Tribal Elders Speak.

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