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Look For The Mounting Evidence Of Frequent And Catastrophic Climate Changes Around The Earth.




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There are an increased frequency of meteorological climate changes occurring frequently around the planet Earth.

There is something going on here on our planet. Climate changes have been occurring more and more frequently. Storms and magnetic interference from space have been affecting Earth, along with increased weather phenomena, resulting from global warming, on a mass scale. Perhaps Obama was speaking the truth when he said that the greatest danger to our planet is Global Warming. But perhaps he misdirected us about what the real result of these catastrophic changes to our climate may actually be.

There is some plausible circumstantial evidence that a large brown Dwarf Planet named, Nibiru, or Planet X, may be hurtling towards our solar system, and that it may come close to us before October of 2017. Some of this evidence was already forewarned and predicted many years ago by the Russian theoretical physicist, Immanuel Velikovsky in his books, World’s In Upheaval, and World’s In Collision, and by some other theoretical physicists, and some scientists around the world. The truth is that this evidence may also follow the Book of Revelations in the New Testament, describing the arrival of the Apocalypse near this time in the 21st. century, of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the creator of all of the Heavens and Earth, who is God almighty. It doesn’t really matter what religion you may follow, it may be time to examine some of the intriguing circumstantial evidence that is materializing at this time in the world.

Economies around the world have remained stagnant, mostly in the northern hemisphere. Should Nibiru arrive when predicted, the Magnetic Poles will be shifted by the electromagnetic disruption of this giant planet, carrying its own Galaxy of up to four moons, when it arrives within a close proximity to the planet Earth on its axis. Something is going on and we are not sure what is going to happen yet.

The frequency of meteorological weather phenomena have increased daily around the world. Some scientists have argued that Nibiru, is already causing an effect of multiple weather changes on the planet Earth, due to its magnitude and the electromagnetic interference that it carries in its wake. Nibiru is carrying two wings of meteor debris as it travels along its way. This debris on each of the winged sides of it trajectory, run for a distance of almost a million miles of debris that potentially may be carried near to the Earth during its ascent in travel to our direction.

Follow some of the news and the developments about what is unveiling in this theory regarding Nibiru’s arrival. Decide over time if this evidence is materializing in any actual turn of events in the real world. Make a resolve and reach a spiritual peace in your religion, it doesn’t matter what religion that you may follow. There also appears to be a strong scriptural and spiritual component to what is happening these days, as many of the events that are occurring today were predicted in the Book of Revelation, The End Of Days, the Testament of John the Apostle, according to the belief of Jesus Christ, the son of God.

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