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Lucifer Through The Looking Glass-Full Film

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“Nicholson 1968 is helping us to lift the veil between what is fiction, and what is the reality about the deception that Lucifer is bringing forth. The Devil is a liar, and he is a supernatural being who remixes our reality and the reality of Yahweh in such a way so as to create a great deception, in our understanding of our matrix.


The Devil is real, as are all of the events that are written about in our Holy Bible. Lucifer is using our Bible in order to mimic the real scriptural events in the Holy Bible and in order to bring in a New World Order by introducing artificial intelligence, robotics, and programmable matter, through the film industry, commercials, and entertainment events, like the Super Bowl.  Lucifer cannot create his own prophetic events, so he is distorting the real events and prophecies that are in the scriptures in order to trick all people into believing that his manufactured reality, is the truth. This is more proof that the Holy Bible is real. The only way to the kingdom is through our belief in Yeshua, who is the bridge of our salvation, to reach Yahweh, our eternal God. Our belief in Christ lifts the veil of mystery regarding Christianity and allows us to be forgiven of our sins, in order to reach salvation in the kingdom of God. The only way to reach Yahweh is through our Lord, Jesus Christ, Yeshua, through the blood that was shed by Jesus, in redemption for our sins.

Hollywood is using the film industry in order to condition the masses, by introducing the A.I. of the Devil into the minds and consciousness of all humanity. I personally cannot watch a Hollywood film any longer because I am awake about the conditioning that is ongoing.  I am working on my website and writing books that I am giving away now, I have completely and totally divested myself of the Hollywood and television nonsense and rubbish.”



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