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Amoebic colitis

“The E. histolytica parasite can cause inflammation of the lining of your gut (intestines). This condition is known as amoebic colitis. ‘Colitis’ is a general term used for inflammation of the lining of the large intestine (the colon). ‘Amoebic’ refers to the fact that the colitis is caused by the amoeba E. histolytica. The disease is often mild and can just lead to tummy (abdominal) pain and diarrhoea. However, more severe inflammation with ulceration of the intestinal lining can occur in some people and so-called ‘amoebic dysentery’ can develop. (Dysentery is any infection of the intestines, causing severe diarrhoea with blood and mucus.)

So, symptoms of amoebic dysentery include severe abdominal pain and diarrhoea which can contain blood and mucus. High temperature (fever) may be another symptom but this is not common. You may also experience loss of appetite and weight loss. Symptoms can last for several weeks. Some people with amoebic colitis may just develop bleeding from their back passage (rectal bleeding) with no diarrhoea.

Severe amoebic colitis is known as ‘fulminant’ or ‘necrotising’ colitis. The person is very unwell with very severe bloody diarrhoea, very severe abdominal pain and a swollen (distended) abdomen with tenderness when their abdomen is examined by a doctor. Fever is also present. Occasionally, a hole (perforation) in the intestine may occur. This severe infection seems to be more common in certain groups of people, including the very young, pregnant women and those with underlying poor nutrition.

In a few people with amoebic colitis, an ‘amoeboma’ can develop. This is essentially a lump (mass) of tissue that builds up or forms in the wall of the intestine due to the inflammation. It may cause a blockage of the intestine. Anaemia is another complication of amoebic colitis (due to blood loss in the bloody diarrhoea).”

Source: Patient. By Egton Medical Information Systems Limited. Registered in England. No 2117205 Registered Office: Rawdon House, Green Lane, Yeadon, Leeds LS19 7BY

Our baby Maria, contracted this infection over a year ago here in the Philippines. This amoebic dysentry infection of the bowels is responsible for the deaths of 100,000 infants a year, around the world. Treatment must be effected quickly as the danger is in the loss of liquids from the human body, that can lead to death by dehydration, and infection.  Patrick Ireland


I just posted a memory about a medical crisis that my daughter Maria went through about a year ago. This is also a small tribute to the local hospital where our baby was cured by excellent doctors and a wonderful private medical facility here in the Philippines. This small tribute goes out to this wonderful healing place. Thank you to all of the staff at this hospital.

Our baby Maria was just released from Mama Rachel’s Hospital of Mercy, with a clean bill of health. Our baby had been hospitalized, with E. Hystolitica Cyst 0-1; an ameabic infection of the bowels. She exhibited all of the danger signs, including mucous in her stool. She has been on an IV for the past two days. Her blood work revealed no more infection early this morning so she was released to us mid morning. Maria is happy to be back home with her family and her dog Bogart.

Apparently Mama Rachel’s Missionary Hospital is well known around the world, and has significant importance in the Philippines also. Established by Norwegian missionaries, they conduct medical missions all around the Philippines. The Scandinavian missionaries are organizations that help people all over the world. Their chief motivation is not promoting religion, they help millions of people around the world, who are in need of assistance. They are a Christian based missionary organization.

The hospital is a beautiful facility that easily rivals the modern hospitals in Canada and the United States. Our bill for two days of treatment for Maria came to a paltry one hundred and twenty dollars. This included nineteen IV needles and blood work needles, multiple antibiotic and various other medications. The nursing care was excellent and they made rounds many times a day. It included a bed and food for my wife who stayed with the baby for the entire time. I was bringing supplies and clothing for my wife and Maria from home, making frequent trips during her hospital stay.

We had let our Phil Health Medical Insurance lapse, as this emergency caught us off guard, so we paid the full price of $125 Canadian dollars, which covered everything. Had our Phil Health been up to date, the entire cost for Maria’s stay would have amounted to $10 Canadian, had the medical insurance arm kicked in. We were happy to pay the full amount as all of the money collected by this hospital goes toward running a wonderful orphanage facility that is the building located next door to the hospital.

We visited the orphanage after leaving the hospital today. They care for up to one hundred children on a full time basis. It consisted of a large, modern concrete conclave of buildings, including a cement church. We were extremely impressed by visiting this facility, because this organization does a lot of good toward helping people in general here in the Philippines. Mama Rachel’s Hospital will be our family’s permanent hospital from now on in.  Thanks to the wonderful medical facility and the extremely caring medical staff.


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