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Mass Geoengineering Occurring Now Worldwide

Mass Geoengineering Occurring Now Worldwide

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Published on 17 Jan 2018.

Geoengineering Would Bring About A Different Kind Of Climate Change Nightmare

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The world is warming, perhaps unstoppable – and the only solution is to blanket the sky with aerosols. Sunlight levels will drop, the days will darken, and the planet’s path to overheating will be diverted.”

This is solar geoengineering, and it sounds like something more along the lines of science fiction than anything based in reality- and according to some scientists and policymakers, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Not so, concludes a new comprehensive study in Nature Ecology & Evolution. The sustained aerosol injection may temporarily chill the planet, but it’ll wreak havoc on the world’s ecosystems – and, at the very least, it’ll just mask climate change’s underlying engine, that of carbon dioxide emissions.

Volcanic eruptions clearly show us that it’s possible to temporarily cool the planet. Plenty of eruptions unleash sulfur dioxide into the air, and if these compounds meet with water, they quickly transform into sulfuric acid. When they condense, they form aerosol particles, which are incredibly effective at scattering and reflecting sunlight.

Certain eruptions produce so much that they cool the regional, or sometimes planetary, climate. Mount Pinatubo’s eruption in 1991 was the most famous recent example of this; its paroxysm, which released millions of tonnes of sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere, had the effect of reducing the average surface temperature of the Earth for the next 15 months for around 0.6°C (about 1°F).

In short, that is what solar geoengineering is, even if the specifics vary.”

Robin Andrews.




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Written By Robin Andrews.


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