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Memory Transfer, Clones, Synthetics, Organic Robotoids and Doubles

Memory Transfer, Clones, Synthetics, Organic Robotoids, and Doubles

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“The chief, conehead-Pindar, Lord Jacob Rothschild may not be dead. In this report, he admits that he has been a leader in the cloning field of humans for many years.  Just look in about twelve years for a 12-year-old boy with a big head, emerging from some secret underground base in the US. Multiple-Man will be born again.”





“1890– A rabbit embryo was successfully transplanted to a foster mother rabbit’s uterus. 1944– A human ova was fertilized in vitro, that is in layman’s terms an egg was artificially inseminated in a test tube. 1952– Briggs & King in Indiana University clone a frog. 1970s– Rand Corporation predicts that “para-humans” will be genetically created to do menial tasks in the future. In a totally different affair, Lord Rothschild, who is a physiologist who has studied genetics, warned that self-centered fanatics might set up cloning shops privately. Lord Rothschild suggested to genetic scientists that a clone controlling organization with worldwide jurisdiction to license cloning be set up to protect the world from evil men who might want to clone people for evil purposes. He called his suggestion ’Commission for Genetical Control.” 1977– Announcement of the first successful cloning of a person, which was done for someone very wealthy. This whole affair came under strong attack by the establishment. The book giving the shrouded details came out in 1978. The author went into hiding, and our Congress had a parade of establishment research doctors testify at a hearing to debunk the book and to reassure the public that medical researchers were too concerned about ethics to clone people. The author was convinced of the veracity of the cloning event, although the media/establishment doctors claimed the author wrote the book merely as fiction. 1980– Twinning (bisection of an embryo), which is a form of cloning was successfully done with horse foals, sheep and cattle had -already been cloned in this fashion in the previous years. 1981– Mice are cloned. And embryo transfer for cattle becomes a thriving business. 1983– A water buffalo embryo was successfully transplanted to a foster mother buffalo. 1984– A human embryo was successfully transplanted and born with a human foster mother. 1997–A successful human clone is publicly announced.”


SOURCE: https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net


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