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MERKEL’S WORST NIGHTMARE: Germany calls for EU Referendum ‘People want to be Free’





















“Okay, I hate to admit but I was right, I predicted this two weeks ago, this news is only breaking now! All of the countries in the European Union will soon secede from the E.U., reverting to nationalistic ‘exits’ back to their own currencies. The writing is on the wall. Merkel has ruined Germany and now other countries in the E.U. will want out from the European Union. The referendum in Germany will be followed by referenda in the remaining E.U. membership nations. This has been triggered by the influx of Muslim immigrants from terror torn countries in the Middle East. Mark my words because this is the truth, the Euro will crash completely as the E.U. becomes destabilized. Canada will be the next target of a currency extraction on the list of the globalists. Trudeau is becoming a shill of George Soros. The currency killer(George Soros) will sweep into all of these countries with the Rothschilds and buy the diminshing Euro currency for pennies and there will be an economic destabilization of the world wide currencies, such as the world has never seen before. Soros and the Rothschilds will then complete their currency extractions and takeover coups using the fractional banking systems that exist in Europe, which they already control. They do not care about the suffering of people, all they care about is destabilizing currencies and taking over banks around the world. The globalists use economic false flag attacks within the countries that they are extracting from. They further destabilize the economies of these countries by paying professional rioters to create false flag uprisings against the government that they wish to depose. George Soros has created false flag revolutionary uprisings in many countries around the world (as he is currently doing in the United States, through his subversively funded organisations). This evil is planned and it is a reality.’

‘They will also make money on the stock exchanges in the countries where the Euro will be declining. They will profit by taking their currencies out of U.S. dollar and transferring it to Gold bullion and silver (precious metal currencies). They will also begin purchasing virtual currencies and alternate currencies such as BitCoin, that do not rely on the U.S. dollar. They know what they are doing, they are not stupid. This will affect the U.S. dollar. The U.S. dollar will crash as the world currency, and plunge the world into a depression that will far exceed the depression of the 1930’s. The United States, Canada, and other developed countries are already experiencing an economic bubble that is ready to burst given the slightest increase in pressure. This entire scenario has been created by George Soros and the Rothschilds. This is what the globalist elite want, to extract all of the currencies in the world to put into their own bank accounts. These are extremely vile and evil people.’

‘The next world wide depression will be in existence for a period of 25 years. Those people who know how to play the international stock markets, who will purchase precious metals and use alternate virtual currencies such as Bit Coin, that can be exchanged in favor of gold bullion and silver, will survive. But the majority of us who depend on currency based incomes, based on the U.S. dollar as the world currency, will be affected by this coming crash. Are we ready to see empty shelves in the grocery stores? Will we be ready when the banks no longer allow depositors to take their money out of their banks? None of us are really ready for what is about to unfold, it has already happened in Greece and in other countries, it can happen to us. The coming collapse will be far worse than the Great Depression that our parents had experienced during the 1930’s.”


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