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Microsoft launches Project Brainwave for real-time Artificial Intelligence – Blog | WebIT MAN

Software giant Microsoft has launched Project Brainwave ,

A deep learning acceleration platform for real-time artificial intelligence (AI). Project Brainwave launch is important as the real-time AI has increasingly become important as cloud infrastructures process live data streams, whether they be videos, sensor streams, search queries or interactions with users.

Key Facts – Project Brainwave –

The ‘Project Brainwave’ uses the massive field-programmable gate array (FPGA) infrastructure which has been deployed by Microsoft over the past few years. It can processes requests as fast as it receives them with the help of ultra-low latency.

The Project Brainwave system architecture reduces latency since its Central Processing Unit (CPU) does not need to process incoming requests. It also allows very high throughput, with the FPGA processing requests as fast as the network can stream them.

The Project Brainwave system is build with three main layers –
  • A high-performance, distributed system architecture;
  • A hardware DNN engine synthesized onto FPGAs; &
  • A compiler & runtime for low-friction deployment of trained models.

Hot Chips, Project BrainwaveThe system has been architected to yield high actual performance across a wide range of complex models, with batch-free execution. It can also handle complex, memory-intensive models such as Long Short Term Memories (LSTM), without using batching to juice throughput.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Artificial intelligence is also the branch of computer science concerned with making computers behave like humans.

In contrast to normal hardware and software, AI enables a machine to perceive and respond to its changing environment.

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Microsoft is also working to bring this powerful, real-time AI system to users in Azure, so that the customers can benefit from Project Brainwave directly, complementing the indirect access through services such as Bing. In the near future, more details will come out for Azure customers will be able to run their most complex deep learning models at record-setting performance.

Source – Microsoft Research Blog

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