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A Musical Parody About the Famous, and The Infamous.

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The truth? Do not look at the works of man in order to discover what the truth really is. We have been lied to about our history, and we do not even know what the real shape of the earth is; we can only guess how it’s shaped, because everything that N.A.S.A. has shown to us, is C.G.I. Nothing on this plane of existence is real, we live in a quantum world, this earth is a simulated reality, controlled by evil men, our world is a rich man’s trick.

We really do not know what the real shape of the earth is because our perception is flawed. We have no idea. I espouse to accepting the strong evidence on both sides of the argument. There are convincing points on both sides of the argument. Perhaps God created the earth in such a manner that it would always be a mystery to mankind? Perhaps we are not meant to know what the real shape of the earth may be because it is God’s will that we not be cognizant of that information. Please don’t get into analysis paralysis, we live in a matrix reality anyway, we understand very little about God’s creation.

If you really want to know the truth, turn to God because he created everything. Yahweh and Yeshua’s message is a simple one, believe in him and be happy. Happiness is the key to everything, including the golden key to the entrance of his kingdom.  Believe in your spirit that Yeshua died to absolve us of our sins in order that we may enter the kingdom of heaven, it is only through Jesus that the kingdom will be opened to us.  God created this world.



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