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The Muslim Brotherhood in Canada: Civilization Jihad

Mackenzie Institute

Image Credits: The Mackenzie Institute.  Oh my God! What has happened to my country!? #Terrorism #REDRUM.





The Muslim Brotherhood in Canada: Civilization Jihad

“Canada has produced a series of individuals who have become suicide bombers, ISIS propagandists and jihadist fighters in a variety of conflict zones. How this radicalization is occurring is unclear to many observers.  It is worth noting, however, that Canada has a series of deep networks which have the ideology, money, and infrastructure to support their objectives of developing extremism. They have the ability to create the political, social and cultural spaces for extremism to flourish. Radicalization and political violence (terrorism) are the two most visible offshoots of this overall process.1

The most advanced networks in Canada are operated by the Muslim Brotherhood, the Iranian sponsored Khomeneists, Hizb ut-Tahrir and the organizational structures bought through Wahhabist money. Of these, the most systemic threat to Canada may come from the Muslim Brotherhood.  Intelligence and law enforcement agencies appear to have become focused on catching ‘terrorists’ but have not disrupted the networks producing them.”


Tom Quiggin.










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The Muslim Brotherhood in Canada: Civilization Jihad



Written By Tom Quiggin

Source: The Mackenzie Institute.




Mackenzie Institute

Image Courtesy of The Mackenzie Institute of Canada.



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Please follow the link to read the original article. Under Fair Use.




Source The Mackenzie Institute.



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