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My Lucid Dream – The Tibetan Journey

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My Personal Journey That Encouraged My Interest In Tibetan Buddhism

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We are lifting the veil of deception and revealing the truth! One does not have to go to church in order to know God because the I AM exists within us. Our relationship with God is revealed when we open our souls to him. It is a much stronger connection to know God within the temple that he has constructed, which is the shell of our bodies, than in an outside church.   Our ethereal souls fill his temple and this becomes our church and our place of worship. We are infinite and indestructible, the bodies that we occupy are just temporary, but our souls live forever. We are eternal because the I AM is in our souls! God is always with us, he has never left us.

Who has created everything that we perceive that is the sum of all perceptions?  What is the source of these perceptions? These perceptions must have been caused by a greater power, therefore everything that we perceive to exist has been created. So, who makes our souls see the earth? It is very evident that there is a creator who has created everything that we perceive. This is proof that there is a creator, the sum of all perceptions, is God. This is indefatigable proof of the existence of God. God is real!


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Do you believe that we are immortal, in the sense that our souls will travel after we leave this plane of existence to another place? My personal journey began just over a year ago when I started this blog. Up until that time, I did not believe in anything, but the void. I was agnostic for most of my almost 60 years of life on this plane(t) that we call earth. The calling to change came to me on a deeply personal level, through my research and writing articles and sharing videos on my blog. I now believe that we have been created by an intelligent design, I no longer deny the existence of my soul, we are immortal and this is not the end.

I cannot remember having experienced a lucid dream during most of my life, but as I have progressed slowly in my acknowledgment of creative design, I now believe in God. I am sharing this testimony with you to help you to open to the creative influences in your life if you do not open yourself to the possibility that we are created by a divine and intelligent force, the gifts will not come to you. I am not talking about physical gifts, there is no such thing as the physical, all that really matters or bears any significance in our lives are the spiritual gifts that we can receive from the creator once we open up to this creative force and infinite intelligence. There is no such thing as time and the future,  present, and past may be accessed in lucid dreams when we travel. There is no such thing as a dimension because our ethereal can travel between all dimensions and parallel existences. Our ethereal is the spirit, in the true sense of the word. This term is true, “We were created in the image of God, The divine I Am exists in all of us, we have a soul, and we are infinite.”

I have believed in God for just over the past year. I read my Bible and some articles and books that I have written have flowed from this information. I have not monetized this blog, nor the three ebooks that I have written, that consist of 25 Chapters each;  it exists as an information mechanism to help me and share some of the gifts that I have been receiving. These gifts are real, this is the truth.

I began having lucid dreams almost two weeks ago, incredibly vivid dreams, traveling dreams, and vistas that seemed to usher in another world. In this article, I will describe the journey that I took last night, that I will call my Tibetan journey. My spirit guide on this trip is Roger Michel. My deceased friend is one of my soul guides, who has identified himself to me. When he was alive years ago, he told me that he would be my guide in the afterlife. I awoke three times early this morning, between 2 Am and 5 AM. Each time that I awoke, I recorded my dream on a notepad and then fell back asleep, awakening again in order to record my overall experience. Upon each awakening, I remembered each portion of the dream in the form of a short, colorful film clip of each section of the journey.

I believe that our ethereal leaves our body when we sleep, but many of us do not remember these experiences. As we begin to awaken on a spiritual level and become receptive to our spiritual selves, we are given the gift of seeing and remembering our night trips in vivid color memory. We all travel in our dreams, but most of us do not recall our ethereal travels in the waking state. This recollection is a gift of the spirit from our Creator or the creative force in our paradigm of existence. Within each of these trips that we may remember, there exist one or more edifying messages that we may take with us upon our awakening moments. These messages are like a coded message from God. It is a deeply significant spiritual message that is tailor-made and designed for each individual person. The messages for me have been one message in each experience that I have documented. Since each experience is personal for every unique individual, then the number of messages and their content may differ and are unique to each soul. The message and the experience are a personal gift that is given to us by God in order to assist us in growing and learning about our lessons on this earth.

My old friend was my guide on this journey. I enclose the linked article above. Roger told me many years ago when I knew him in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada that we don’t know what the outcomes are going to be when we make choices in our lives because our destinies are unfolding from within us. Life is a school. We are born into our bodies and we live our lives in order to learn spiritual lessons that will allow our ethereal souls to progress to a higher plane of existence. We are soul creatures and our bodies are just vessels that allow us to learn and grow as we live our lives on this earth. When we pass, we do not die, we just leave our bodies and are born from another woman into a new body, in order to continue our learning on this earth. After our ethereal souls have advanced to a level where all of our lessons have been learned on earth, we may choose not to take another body and remain in the afterlife. This is when an old soul ascends and eventually reaches a level where he will not have to return to the earth. When our ethereal bodies have learned all of the lessons that we are capable of learning on this earth, we will be able to live in the infinite realm forever. None of these experiences preclude my belief in Jesus as my savior. I am a Christian whether or not I have had these experiences. I believe that the only way to know God is to accept the sacrifice that Yahweh made for us, through the sacrifice of his son Yeshua, who died on the cross in order to forgive us of our sins. These experiences do not create any conflict with my belief system. We will all reach heaven eventually as we retain the Christian doctrine.

There is no such thing as gender neutrality, God made woman and man. The woman is an integral part of God’s plan for the ascension of humanity. There is nothing negative nor prejudicial about God’s intentions, he loves us with an infinite love and has designed a viable system through which we may ascend. The truth is right in front of us, we were created according to a divine plan in order to perpetuate the ascension of our souls so that we can become part of the cosmic reality. Without woman, we would not be born again of the flesh and without the seed of man, God’s perfect plan could not be completed. The woman is an integral part of God’s plan in order to assist us in our ascension. The duality of the sexes on this earth was created by God to assist us in reaching our goals of soul ascension. Nothing is an accident or a ‘Big Bang.” Everything has been created by God for the purpose of helping humanity. There are only two sexes, designed by God, the other human creations of neutral genders are nonsense and pure rubbish.


I fell asleep at 10 P.M. On the night of 10/12/2017, as I noted the time on my computer clock just before falling asleep.


The Tibetan Experience. The First Recollection that was recorded in 2: A.M. On 10/15/2017, after I awakened.

“Come, my little one, follow me, there are some things that you must see.” Roger flew ahead of me and I was following him in my ethereal, Roger was not in a physical form, he appeared as a being consisting of light, I knew it was him because of his voice. It seemed as if he was pulling me as my following was automatic, without the power of my intention, I was simply there. My ethereal body was flying through a deep valley with Tibetan like ruins on either side of the cliff face, my deceased friend Roger was my guide. They were ancient structures constructed in a similar architectural form as the temple in Lhasa Tibet. There were visible golden light sources emanating the windows of these structures, from each of these buildings and we were flying through the middle rift across a deep crevasse with the lit temple buildings located on the walls on each side of the cliffs. The cliffs were not dark either, they were a golden brown, emanating a rusty glow that seemed to come from hidden incandescent lights that appeared to be within the structures of the rock walls itself. The buildings, on the other hand, were glowing a bright, warm, yellow shimmering color, but the lights that were contained in the windows of these edifices, we’re welcoming lights, as if they were beacons representing goodness and love. There was nothing sinister about the experience.

The speed with which we were moving was incredible. So fast and there were so many structures that we passed on either side of the valley rift. They seemed to blend together as if they were one golden streak. Suddenly, in a moment we found ourselves in one of these palaces. We were in a great hall, with patterned red and golden curtains that seemed to hang from a ceiling that was hundreds of feet high. The patterns on the curtains seemed to contain Tibetan symbols that I could not recognize clearly. I saw many people wearing robes that resembled the crimson robes that Tibetan monks wear, their heads were also shaved. They were milling about and did not appear to notice our presence.  The people appeared to be in human form. I had no idea of my own appearance because I saw no reflections of myself, there were no mirrors in the great hall, I was simply there. I awoke and noted the time, it was 2: A.M. On the morning of 10/15/2017. I recorded the first episode of this lucid dream with pen on paper, and I fell immediately back asleep again.



The Tibetan Experience. The Second Recollection that was recorded at 3:15 A.M. On 10/15/2017, after I awakened.


I had no sense of traveling and I was alone in this episode, but I did not experience any fear. It lasted what seemed to be moments, and the recorded span of time was much shorter than during the first episode. I found myself in a small room in what I perceived to be the same place that I had previously visited before, only this time I found myself in a small, cubicle room within the palace. The lights in the room seem to be artificial and they came from the walls of the room itself. Their glow provided me with some warmth and comfort, this was not a sinister place. It was a similar feeling as I had experienced during the previous episode of my dream. On the side of one of the walls was a small, low wooden table, hand-made, from old wood. I noticed that it was put together with wooden rivets that had been hammered to hold the cross joints of the table. On the table was a folded piece of yellow parchment paper, it seemed to be very old. The paper was folded in half covering the contents of the fold. I approached the table and picked up the parchment, I carefully unfolded the paper to see what it contained. Printed in black ink with a quill, were the words, “FORGIVE,” in capital letters. I read the message and then I immediately woke up from my dream. It was 3:15 A.M. when I recorded the second episode of my lucid dream and fell immediately asleep again after making the record.



The Tibetan Experience. The Third Recollection that was recorded at 5:00 A.M., on 10/15/2017, after I awakened.


Once again, I had no sense of traveling in this episode and I was alone. I returned to the same great Hall that I had experienced during my first episode of this lucid dream. The same red curtains containing the Tibetan symbols were hanging from the high ceilings of the hallway walls. There were many men with shaved heads and wearing crimson robes who were praying and chanting. This time the sound of the Tibetan monks chanting and their bodies rocking back and forth to the sound of bells ringing and musical chants filled the space of the great hall. None of the people there seemed to notice that I was there. There was a feeling of peace and serenity in that place, I felt absolutely no fear about being there.

Suddenly I found myself standing behind a fellow wearing a dark suit, which style was indistinguishable to me. My hand touched the back of his left shoulder and his head turned as if to glance at me, I recognized the face of a previous friend from Canada with whom I had a falling out recently on Facebook. He had been offended by an article that I had shared on my blog through YouTube and he had broken off a friendship of the past twenty years. I had been offended by his actions and I had retained angry feelings toward him. At the moment that his head had turned and I recognized his face, seven sharp needles appeared, as if they were traveling down my throat. I had no semblance of a physical body, but I felt the pain as the needles were going down my throat. I spat them out, but one of the needles remained lodged in my throat. Immediately the note that I had seen in the second episode of my dream appeared floating in front of me, the dark, quill printed letters stood out to me as I read the message which stated, “FORGIVE.” I remember stating loudly, “I do forgive my feelings of dislike toward this individual.”

As soon as I stated my forgiveness toward this former friend, the last needle was dislodged from my throat and I felt the relief immediately. I felt an immediate release of hostile feelings that I had harbored toward this individual and in realizing that these negative feelings were now gone, I felt that I had progressed and learned a valuable lesson that would be of great benefit to me. I immediately awoke from my dream. It was 5:00 A.M., on the morning of 10/15/2017. I recorded the third episode of my lucid dream with pen on paper, and I got up to start my new day. It is a brand new day and a new lesson has been learned, I felt like a great weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Forgiveness is a good way to begin a new day.

You see, the message of this event is that lucid dreaming can allow us to learn from our dreams such as in the moral lessons in Aesop’s Fables. I am now experiencing lucid dreaming as a tool in order to help me to learn important lessons in life. Forgiveness is golden, we can progress in our lives if we are able to forgive others and discharge negative feelings that we may harbor toward others who may have offended us. If a negative feeling or a bad thought is held by us, it will affect our own progress because we are all connected with one another through God. We are all God’s creations and we must all learn the lesson of forgiveness in order that we may progress ourselves along with our own paths. Negative feelings that are not discharged can create negative consequences in our lives, so why hurt ourselves? Be positive and always look for good results in your life expecting the best to occur and the entire world will instantly change for the better.


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Published on 12 Jun 2012.







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