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The Myth is Canada: A film exposing the truth about Canada’s legal and lawful status

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The Myth Is Canada: A Film Exposing The Truth About Canada’s Legal And Lawful Status.


Published on 10 Nov 2017

“Doug Force (http://nephalemfilms.com), producer of the upcoming feature documentary “The Myth is Canada” on how the country doesn’t really exist, and why you pay taxes instead of earning dividends. Please support the making of this film (http://nephalemfilms.com/donate.html) and put the Canadian nation back in the hands of the people where it belongs. Synopsis To understand where we are, we must first understand how we got here… Deep research has unearthed key events, which have both created and hidden the truth of the myth that is Canada. Event: From the 1700s into the next century, England and France were tense partners representing both Upper and Lower Canada. General Wolfe’s death in the final battle on the Plains of Abraham in 1759, secured victory for England, the prize ultimately known as, ‘Canada’. The Treaty of Paris joined the formerly British controlled Upper Canada with France’s Lower Canada into the French legal entity – a Corporation Sole, the ‘Province of Quebec’. The amalgamation process from 1759 through 1763 seated the first British Governor General within that Corporation Sole, which in 1787 amalgamated all of ‘Canada’ enabling Britain to seat a Governor General to rule over their Colonies were known then as the ‘Province of Canada’ and New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. For 80 years between 1787 and 1867, the British placed many Governors General into the Corporation Sole. Issuing Letters Patent, the British Monarchy thereby proclaimed that Governor Generals held the ‘power’ to create and control the government of Canada, as a British Colony. Event: Delegates from Canada had no part in drafting the British North America Act, March 29, 1867, and no certified copy of this act was brought to Canada. The Act was drafted by Lord Thring, Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury. It is not a Constitution for it constitutes nothing. It simply emphasizes the power of the Governor-General to appoint and remove a Privy Council to ‘aid and advise’ him and to state that the Governor-General has the power to pass an ‘order-in-council’ by himself individually as the case requires. ( An ‘order-in-council’ is equal to an Act of Parliament.) One score and two years later the Interpretations Act, 1889, was passed, stating that Canada is a Colony. This gives the lie to the story of Confederation and brands it as a reductio ad absurdum. Another recent absurdity is that a House and Senate of British Subjects debating the adoption of a Flag and Anthem. You say you have never heard of this before! You are not alone in this. Since 1931, Canadian citizens are not subject to laws enacted by the British Government and are not recognized by Great Britain as British subjects. To sum up: Canada lost everything gained politically in the previous hundred years and reverted back to the Constitution granted in 1763 to Governor James Murray by the Board of Trade (Sessional Papers 18). Lord Monck came back to Canada as a ‘Corporation Sole’ and his first act upon opening Parliament was to announce that John A. Macdonald had been granted a title of ‘Sir’. John A MacDonald did very well for himself; he obtained a titled Lady as a bride, an annual stipend as a member of the Imperial Privy Council, and was now the Right Honourable Sir John A. Macdonald. Event: The year, 1867. With the Quebec Resolutions removed, the British Parliament was free to create “Letters Patent” known as the BNA Act. View the film when it is completed and enjoy the interactive website. Download everything you need to create a real, de jure, sovereign government in EACH of the provinces. Not for the Queen, but for We, The People.”












The Myth Of Canada!


The Myth of Canada!






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The Myth of Canada!


Benjamin Doolittle

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Canadian Banking System Exposed – Bill Abram.

Published on 14 Oct 2011
“WAKE UP Canada … Canadians need to realize that they too are living with the same type of Federal Reserve private banking fraud. Great overview of Canadian banking and a clear explanation of how the international private banking cartel hijacked Canada in 1974 by taking control of the issuance of money. This private banking cartel has been robbing Canada blind ever since and has currently put Canadians into $500 billion dollars of debt.”

MIND WARS – Invasion of the BRAIN‏

StopTheCrime.net NEW

Published on 17 Aug 2014

“The control over the minds of the world’s populace is a common theme. Is it surprising to discover that constitutions are an illusion in the United States as is the case in Canada? The controllers are using the 5G Network to control the minds of the people. Full spectrum dominance by the controllers and the dumbing down of 99 percent of the world is their goal. They have been preparing to take us over for centuries and our alleged governments in the developed world have acquiesced to the brainwashing and the conditioning of the population by the 1% who control everything. The only solution is for people to wake up. Will that awakening happen in time?”
Patrick Ireland – Publisher of www.patrickirelandsreviews.com.







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