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Naked Science – Alien Contact

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Naked Science – Alien Contact


“Just for a moment, imagine a universe awash with life, where we humans are not the only intelligent beings around. What might these alien races look like? Could we communicate with them, or even recognize them as intelligent? And what would they make of our violent and dangerous species? Might they take one look, and decide not to bother with such primitive beings? A planetary nursery filled with spiteful, galactic infants. On the other hand, in our imaginary scenario, they may enrich us with scientific knowledge beyond our imagination. Or could an encounter with aliens have a more destructive outcome? It could be a bad day for humankind. But relax, it’s just make-believe, it could never happen, could it? A mysterious crash in Roswell, New Mexico during the 1940s convinced many that our planet is being visited by space aliens. Crop circles in Britain have only added fuel to the fire. Few scientists doubt that life indeed exists elsewhere, but some believe we’re more likely to make contact via radio waves. Join the search for extra-terrestrials and hear from scientists who think we are on the verge of making contact.”


Naked Science

Published on 13 Jun 2013.








Naked Science – Close Encounters


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“Has planet earth ever had a close encounter with aliens? While UFOs and their occupants have been part of our culture for more than a century, and people from many walks of life claim to have seen them, we have no indisputable evidence that they’re fact rather than fiction, or do we? Naked Science speaks to witnesses of two of the most controversial UFO sightings, the Rendlesham Forest incident in the UK and the Phoenix Lights sighting in the US, as well as the most famous UFO incident of all time, Roswell. If unidentified flying objects did come from space, how could they have traveled to earth? And how could they survive in our atmosphere? We talk to leading physicists and astrophysicists about the viability of interstellar travel and whether wormholes and warp drives could make it possible. Or perhaps extra-terrestrials will send tiny self-replicating nanobots to explore our Earth? Close encounters originated with reported sightings of alien craft, but in the last few decades, alien contact has taken a new and more terrifying twist, alien abduction. We talk to a so-called ‘experiencer’ who claims to have been taken from her bed and experimented on. She believes her claims but could there be another, scientific, explanation for what she remembers? We talk to a neuroscientist who thinks he has the answer. Finally, Naked Science asks possibly the most shocking question of all, could aliens already be among us?”


Naked Science

Published on 27 Jan 2016












“A great film is one that can take even the most jaded of moviegoers and fill them with a sense of anticipation, wonder, and sheer exhilaration. Cynicism falls away as they witness all the different creative aspects that go into making a film come together to show them sights they have never seen and told them stories that are able to surprise while still resonating on the deepest of emotional levels. A truly great film—the kind that one can call a classic without the slightest hesitation—is one that still has the power to do that to viewers decades after it was originally released, no matter how many times they may have seen it over the years. Steven Spielberg’s 1977 masterpiece “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” which is returning to theaters for a one-week engagement to mark its 40th anniversary, is the epitome of a truly great film. Having seen it countless times over the past four decades, I went into the screening planning to devote most of my attention to how the new 4K restoration looked and found myself getting sucked as deeply into the story, the performances, and the stunning visual effects as I was when I first saw it as a wee lad during its original release.”


Peter Sobczynski.




Close Encounters of the Third Kind Movie Review

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Written By Peter Sobczynski

Source: www.rogerebert.com

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