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Oat Beta Glucan. How It Improves Your Health

Oat Beta Glucan




Oat beta glucan is something you may have heard of if you’re looking for treatment options for kidney disease. It’s a soluble fiber. It’s comprised of mixed linkage polysaccharides and sometimes called mixed linkage beat D glucan. This simply means that this type of oat is soluble, which means it can dissolve faster and more effectively.

How does this product relate to your kidney disease or kidney health? To understand this, consider the value of oat bran and your health. Oat bran is the casing that surrounds the oat itself.

Doctors and many experts recommend consuming it because it can help to lower the bad type of cholesterol in the body. In addition to this, many believe it can help to reduce the risk of heart disease developing.

Oat beta glucon can also help you to lose weight since it gives you a long term feeling of fullness. All of this can help to protect the kidneys as well.

There are several things beta glucan can do for you.

  • It can improve blood pressure levels in some people. Maintaining healthy blood pressure is an important part of slowing the progression of kidney disease.
  • It can help to control the rise in blood sugar levels after you eat a meal. For those who have diabetes as well, this is one of the most important tools you have when consuming carbohydrates.
  • Some studies show that it can also help improve the immune system. It will improve the immune system by stimulating it.

Fighting Cholesterol Levels
The fact that this oat can help in controlling cholesterol levels is important to anyone who has kidney disease. By taking doses of it in a range of three to fifteen grams per day, individuals can see a reduction in LDL cholesterol and an improvement in total cholesterol levels.

However, individuals should follow manufacturer guidance on consuming this substance. By controlling cholesterol levels, the kidneys are able to function better.

Should You Consume It?
It’s always important to turn to your doctor before making significant changes in your diet and your treatment. Get help for kidney disease treatment from your doctor first and follow his advice.

However, adding this type of oat to your diet can be helpful at helping to improve your condition. Oat beta glucan is available and is most often safe for individuals to take as a tool to improving their overall health.


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