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*Oceans Losing Oxygen Fast* | Food chain goes… EVERYTHING goes!

Free Background Stock. Marlin used to be a deep-water predator, now we are catching Marlin near the surface in the Philippines. There is not enough oxygen in the water at deeper depths.



*Oceans Losing Oxygen Fast* | Food chain goes… EVERYTHING goes!


May 7, 2017:

“Earth’s Oceans are losing oxygen at a very rapid rate. This is putting tremendous stress on every living creature in the seas. If the food chain gets broken too badly then a ‘domino effect’ begins and would begin the demise of ALL living things on planet earth. The fate of earth depends on these oceans being healthy if they are not then the planet is not…simple as that. If the UV is at unhealthy levels where it is normally not then this more than likely is a contributing factor, it has to be. It’s probably associated the ‘Red Skies’ we’ve been observing. (Oxygen Depletion). I personally believe the strong UV light is the main culprit, but not the only one. The UV is tampering with hydrogen atoms, creating warmth, intense heat as we feel on our skin, completely separate from air temperature.”


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