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On Watch: Politicized Special Counsels & Obama Operatives in the Federal Government

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Let’s stop kidding ourselves, Obama placed many corrupt judges to preside over the courts of the United States during his eight-year term. Most of these people had already submitted themselves to the corruption of the Deep State racketeers, pedophiles, Satanists, and thugs who had already infiltrated the highest ranks of the United States government, and its judiciary branches. Blackmail runs rampant in the secret coffers of the American Justice system; it would appear that many of these people in high positions are being blackmailed by the Deep State to do their evil bidding. These people have totally corrupted themselves, to the very core of their beings. How can judges who are presiding in cases before the court be impartial when they are part of the overall putrid system in the first place? Their greasy, dirty hands are working in favor of protecting the guilty and they are against any form of a clean justice system, period! Justice in the United States is not blind, it has been blinded through graft, blackmail, and corruption at its deepest levels.

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Case in point, John Podesta, who has emerged from the bowels of Washington, D.C.







The unthinkable, in plain sight, the faces of pure evil! Warning! This is disgusting!





Warning! Very disturbing content!


Snuff Films – Child Murder #Pizzagate Documentary






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