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Open Up To A Universe Of Energy And Ideas, While You Are Sleeping




Why is it that most of our creative concepts and ideas materialize while we are sleeping? Coincidence, or are these musings also based in scientific fact? Recently, I posted an article that is tied to a product on Clickbank called, Thought Elevators. It is sometimes perceived a mystery in “explaining” the unexplainable. Those things that our naked eye cannot perceive, fall into this realm. Theta Brain Waves have been studied as a phenomenon by Stanford University researchers. We achieve Theta Waves when we are sleeping, or through meditations that are structured in such a way to achieve the state, while we are awake.  It is from this state of mind that creativity and new ideas emerge from the ether. This is not science fiction any longer, it is now based on scientific facts. Theta Waves do exist and they exist in the brains of every living human being.

Recently I read an article about some of the great American inventors, human beings, and psychics. Did you know that the world renowned psychic Edgar Cayce, was able to connect psychically with his patients and heal people while he was sleeping? Interesting information but it doesn’t end there. It is a well-known fact that the American inventor and scientist, Thomas Edison used a technique call Hypnagogia, to induce a Theta state of mind between wakefulness and sleep, where many ideas for his inventions would, “materialize” in his mind from the other. Edison went to sleep while sitting in a chair and holding two steel balls in his hands. When the two steel balls dropped to the ground, the noise from hitting the ground would awaken him from Theta State, and his inventions would then become part of his conscious thought processes.

If we tune into these aspects of Theta Wave Thought, we must also agree with its precepts. I myself am able to receive my best ideas between the state of wakefulness and sleep. Usually just before I wake from a deep sleep, I am able to connect with insights and ideas that seem to, come from nowhere. We all have this ability to tune into the energies that could be considered to come from a universal source. Try this exercise, before you go to sleep suggest to yourself in your mind, that you will receive new insights and information that will be of use to you, at the point of time before you awake from sleep in the morning. Auto suggests this in your brain at the point just before you fall asleep every night. The point that you are trying to pin point is the space in time between your sleep and your wakefulness. This is a moment, and to become aware of this moment, you must first implant the suggestion in your brain before, you fall asleep every night. If you practice this simple forethought every night, you will open that portal to your consciousness and you will receive an awareness about this point in time. Try it, this works.

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