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Organic Traffic Compared to The Ordinary Traffic That Comes Into Your Site

I felt that it was important to write this article, based on my observations of the traffic that has been coming into my site over the past two month period of time. I have worked hard to optimize my blog to connect with various social media outlets on the Net.  As the result of some effort, the plan has worked, and much referral traffic has been running between my blog and through to social media outlets, such as Twitter and facebook. But this is not my reason for writing this article.

There is a big difference between ordinary traffic that may come in from Hops, Hits, and Views on ones site, and Organic Traffic that comes in so fast, that is seems unbelievable. One can experience this rhythm, by tuning into the keywords of certain articles and content that seem to super drive organic traffic to a certain article so quickly, that it seems to defy the speed of light. Just joking, however ask me what it feels like to post an article and suddenly, within seconds, experience 75 views, only moments after it seems after I have posted the article. This has happened to me now on several occasions, although they are to admit, few and far between, the influx of ordinary hits coming into my site.

There is a point to my conversation. When you identify organic traffic that is flowing in so quickly, you can immediately discern that the particular article that you have posted in question, is attracting said traffic. You can then concentrate on improving the said article by doing keyword research and adding many keywords to that organic traffic article, that will further improve the speed of traffic coming in to your blog site. Food for thought in a world that is starving for organic traffic today.

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