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#PizzaGate: America’s Children Death Count



“Back in February 2015, I wrote a piece for Veterans Today about the undeniable age-old nexus between power and pedophilia when suspected pedophiles Bill Clinton and attorney Alan Dershowitz were caught with their pants down as frequent flyers on their registered sex offender buddy Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express documented flight logs. This coincided with the English royalty connection through Prince Andrew’s known involvement. Having spent the better part of a quarter-century career in mental health as a licensed therapist and clinician directly working with child and adolescent victims of sexual trauma and abuse in Los Angeles, I recognize pedophilia as a pathological mental disorder and international crime of the worst disorder and over two and a half years ago was compelled to write about human trafficking. Its tentacles have spread like cancer to every corner of this earth to where slavery is far more widespread today than any previous time in recorded human history. And Pizzagate as the scandal that won’t go away is currently forcing us to deal with this abominable human malady like never before.”

Joachim Hagopian.






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Written By Joachim Hagopian.

Source:  Sott.net




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