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Polar Vortex Bringing Frigid Temperatures To Western Canada, U.S.


“After a mild fall so far, temperatures have plunged dramatically in recent days across much of Western Canada, and now the cold will extend to Eastern Canada this week because of a polar vortex. Temperatures around –30 C combined with winds up to 15 km/hr led to extreme wind chill values of –40 or colder in southwestern Manitoba on the weekend. Extreme cold warnings were in effect Sunday in central and northern Alberta, where temperatures dipped below  –20, with wind chill values near or below -40.”





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Source: CBC News With files from The Associated Press and Reuters.




What Is A Polar Vortex?

Cold snap to grip North America as Arctic air moves south


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“A blast of Arctic air is expected to push across many regions of North America this week, including the U.S. east coast. Last winter, meteorologists referred to the dreaded “polar vortex” as temperatures plunged to punishingly low levels. Some theorized the cold snap was linked to the weakening of a polar vortex spinning above the North Pole.

As shown in the graphic below, some scientists suggested that cold air spills out of the weakened whirlpool above the Arctic. The cold air then travels south across North America. The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration note, however, that extreme winter weather is often influenced by a host of atmospheric factors.”

CBC News.




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Source: CBC News.



Hogue Prophecy

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What is occurring on this earth is a warming of this place, due to the polar ice melting drastically. These events have been beautifully described by author John Hogue in the following passage that he has written on his website. Welcome to the future, Dystopian society in a confused world.


“Witnesses to the storm on the Weather Channel and other stations remarked how it was like something they’d seen in a movie. I know which movie they were probably talking about, The Day After Tomorrow. Last Thursday as the storm was reaching its climax I was a guest on Dreamland talking with one of the two authors who wrote the book that was the basis for that movie, The Global Superstorm: my friend and author, futurist and UFO investigative reporter Whitley Strieber. He definitely saw the parallel to his and radio host Art Bell’s concept that—to put it in simplest terms—conceived of global warming melting so much landlocked ice into the northern Atlantic off Greenland that the great conveyor belt of oceanic warm and cold currents would be disrupted at one of its most critical junctures. This would result in a sudden ice age event overtaking the northern hemisphere as vast, “Snowicane” cyclonic storms would begin roiling across Northern Europe, Siberia, Alaska and Canada spreading deep into lower temperate zone latitudes, basically freezing and burying entire nations in ice and snow across all of Canada, down to the northern third of the United States. The same would happen across Europe and Eurasia sending great migrations of survivors of the Northern Hemisphere and developed nations into the developing nations for shelter.”


John Hogue.

Author, Futurist, and writer.




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Written By John Hogue

Source: http://www.hogueprophecy.com/


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