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President Trump Exposes The Satanic Illuminati New World Order!! 2017

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A messiah speaks, fully supported by the Messiah, our Lord and King, Jesus. Here is a man that the Jewish nation have ascribed as being a messiah. He has proven that he is a savior of the United States of America, because he turned the entire country’s economy completely around for the better, within an eight month period of time since he became president of the United States of America. This is not a theory, it is a fact. Can you imagine what the world would have been like had the witch Hillary Clinton become president? We all shudder at the answer to that question.

As humanity we reject the United Nations Agenda 2030. We reject the policies of the E.U. and of the United Nations as being an assault against all of the families of this world. We reject the satanists, the atheists and all those people who are against Jesus. We reject all of the criminals of the New World Order, God created us to be free and to prosper on this earth.Our King is Jesus and our supreme Creator is Jehovah, the Lord of the entire universe. We come to you Father, in the name of your son. Clean and heal this world and destroy the evil that is growing on this earth. In the name of Jesus and through his sacrifice and yours, we pray for this world. Save our human race and let the victory of the Lord prevail in the name of your blessed son, Jesus. In his name we pray, heal this world God Almighty, please heed our petition and our prayers, through the blood of your sacrificed son.  Let your victory over evil reign on this earth and in the heavens above. Amen


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Correction: Admiral Byrd flew over Antarctica.

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