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Pro Engineer Explains Problems with the ISS, Satellites & the Thermosphere Flat Earth





This is not a “small” problem, this is a huge problem for N.A.S.A. to justify that the I.S.S. and satellites exist in the thermosphere, where temperatures abound at the incredible heat of up to 2,000, to 2,500 degrees Celsius. All of the misguided and misinformed teachers on earth should be ashamed, teaching the heliocentric model to a generation of our youth; we have been teaching a lie! I am also guilty of having taught disinformation to my students, I am a retired teacher. No satellites can exist in the thermosphere where aluminium and metal enforced plastic would melt at only 600 degrees Celsius. Put your thinking caps on folks! There are no elements in our periodic table that can withstand the melting point of above 600 degrees Celsius. There are no satellites in the thermosphere, and no astronauts have gone to outer space, because they would burn. End of conversation!  Do you think that the tin foil Apollo 11 and Apollo 17 spacecraft made it through the excessive temperatures of the thermosphere, in order to travel to the Moon?  You had better think again! If you want empirical proof of the bullshit of N.A.S.A. and Space, and the heliocentric model – here it is!

It is a mass conspiracy, and all of countries space programs around this earth are in on the lie. It is a lie on a grandiose scale against all of humanity. They are a fraud. All of these lies and illusions in order to justify a belief in a heliocentric model that does not exist! The sheeple have gone along with this delusion for centuries. We have not questioned the obvious facts that would immediately confirm that they are deceiving us. Really, how stupid is humanity, that we do not question anything, and everything! This is a product of our mass hypnosis and conditioning over a period of centuries. When are we going to awaken?


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#30 How Do Satellites Survive 4,000F + Degree Heat in Space?







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