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Project Camelot interviews Bob Dean, the Coming of Nibiru

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Truth or fiction? We will let you decide for yourselves. This is a very interesting interview with Bob Dean. Dean’s personal friend Zechariah Sitchin along with two renowned astronomers have calculated that Nibiru may arrive on it’s pass by Earth in the year 2060. I have been aware of Sitchin’s calculations. The present weather anomalies in 2017 may indicate the build up of geology, and sunspot activities that may indicate the effects of Nibiru are nearing. None of this has been proven, although this possibility has been also calculated by other experts. Nibiru may actually exist, although its existence has not been proven. By the time this event may occur, Earth may develop the technology from advanced beings to build a Dyson’s Shield around the Earth in order to protect it. I am open to any possibilities. By the time that Nibiru may arrive in 2060 my now three year old daughter will be in her 40’s, her older sister will be nearing the age of 50. This possible coming event will affect the lives of my two daughters although I will have already passed away. Of course I am concerned about the safety of my two children should this information be accurate.

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“Don’t be afraid, gather around you the people that you love. Face the future without fear, love one another and have courage. We are all immortal beings, there is nothing to fear. Just love one another and face the future with courage.”

Bob Dean









We are lifting the veil of deception and revealing the truth! One does not have to go to church in order to know God because the I AM exists within us. Our relationship with God is revealed when we open our souls to him. It is a much stronger connection to know God within the temple that he has constructed, which is the shell of our bodies, than in an outside church.   Our ethereal souls fill his temple and this becomes our church and our place of worship. We are infinite and indestructible, the bodies that we occupy are just temporary, but our souls live forever. We are eternal because the I AM is in our souls! God is always with us, he has never left us.

Who has created everything that we perceive that is the sum of all perceptions?  What is the source of these perceptions? These perceptions must have been caused by a greater power, therefore everything that we perceive to exist has been created. So, who makes our souls see the earth? It is very evident that there is a creator that has created everything that we perceive. This is proof that there is a creator. This is indefatigable proof of the existence of God. God is real!

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