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Prophecy – The Press Release.


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We are now offering our first two e books on our website for the low cost of  2.99 for each download, reduced from 7 dollars. We have now completed our payment checkout and our readers may use our store, connected to Pay Pal for payment, in order to download our books. We had offered our e book, Who Is The AntiChrist,  for free for a two week period of time. Our readers response to our first e book was overwhelming, 700 people downloaded our first book in two weeks.  We are now setting up a newsletter in order that our readers will be able to maintain closer contact with the administrator on our site. Please check out the two recent  e books that are available now on our website.  Our two new e books that are available for download starting today are, Who Is The AntiChrist? Our second book, Thoughts About The Book Of Revelation, and our newest e book, Prophecy, will be available for download in the next two days.  Our e books are based on some of the best Christian research of the topics at hand, that is available in the world today.


We will soon be producing many e cover, downloadable e books. We plan to sell larger volumes, consisting of 100 pages or greater of text, for $7, that cover valuable research and difficult to find information that has been researched by us.  We will be also producing dozens of, “How To..” e books under the Self Help Category. These smaller How to books with full cover, will be available for $2.99 each. We will post an article, notifying our readers after our autoresponder is finally set up and ready to go. You will be able to purchase our books directly from our website from around the world.


Our newest e book, Prophecy, will be made available on this website, for the promotional cost of 2.99, in full cover, e book format, within the next two days. This extraordinary book will be available for sale as a downloadable e book to our readers who may be interested in the topic of Prophecy, based on Christianity, and in the Holy Bible. This e book will be embedded with extensive biblical research, and references to scriptures will be found throughout the book. This exciting collection of chapters on the topic of Prophecy will be made exclusively to our readers on this blog. You will soon be able to download this complete e book, to your personal computers.


Here is a sampling of the titles of the chapters that will be available in our newest e book, Prophecy.

Chapter I – Fall of a Nation

Chapter 2 – America’s Falling Morality

Chapter 3 – Questions That Most People Ask About The Second Coming Of Christ

Chapter 4 –  American Style Excuses – How To Stay Blissfully Ignorant About The Second Coming Of Christ

Chapter 5 – Trinity Of Truth – How To Stay Off The Merry Go Round Of Speculation About The Second Coming Of Christ

Chapter 6 – The Christ, Ratu Adil And Satria Piningit – Revealed? Pt 1.

Chapter 7 –  The Christ, Ratu Adil And Satria Piningit – Revealed? Pt 2.

Chapter 8 – Between Saint And Sinner

Chapter 9 –  The Doomsday Factor

Chapter 10 – What Is A Prophet – Are There Prophets In Our World Today?

Chapter 11 – Understanding Bible Prophesies From The Old Testament

Chapter 12 – Finding G_d* In The Details

Chapter 13 – Silver And Gold

Chapter 14 – Terror; The Lost War

Chapter 15 – From The Kingdom Of Darkness

Chapter 16 – Radical Islam Starts World War And Destroys U.N. Says Ancient Egyptian Prediction

Chapter 17 – Iran, Israel, And The 12th. Imam

Chapter 18 – Almost Persuaded

Chapter 19 – Let The Sea Roar!

Chapter 20 – Bang, Bang, You’re Dead!

Chapter 21 – The Pygmalion Effect

Chapter 22 – Connecting The Dots Of The Paranormal

Chapter 23 – The Cancer Of Sin. (Why Do Christians Suffer?)

Chapter 24 – Dealing With Heart Disease

Chapter 25 – The End Times Are Now

Chapter 26 – Matthew Chapter 24

Chapter 27 – Bible Road Map – Or The Road Less Traveled?

Chapter 28 – Behold, The Days Come

Chapter 29 – In The Quest For Peace


We have just renewed our website for another year. Because we live in Asia we have been unable to index very successfully on Google. Google Ad Sense had not been available to new websites in Asia, so we were not able to benefit from any Google Ad Sense revenues to our site. We had implemented Pay Per Click which has not made us any income on our site last year. The positive commentary and support of our readers has been much appreciated. Although we had been promising to deliver more to our website last year, unfortunately, we were unable to add new features to our site due to a lack of funding.


This year we will be expanding publishing products and e-books for sale on this blog. Our e books will range in topics under the Self Help category, to Christian content and e books. We will also strive to continue to provide the best news articles, sharing, and indexing of you tube videos, under current news themes on our website. Our R.S.S. feed contributors will be continuing to add exciting and valuable articles to our blog under the categories of personal growth, health, and finance topics. We have some of the best writers in the world contributing to our blog.


We have many other things that we also want to create, including starting a news station from the Philippines where we reside, whose audio feed will be be also available on our website. Should our readers wish to support us in what we are creating, please visit our Patreon page and become one of our patrons, supporting our community with commentary, or make a donation.  We are dedicated to our loyal readers who follow our website. We do it all for you!  It is nearing the first anniversary date that our website has been up. Thank you for staying with us and allowing us to continue creating great content for you!


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My name is Patrick Ireland, living in the Philippines with my wife and two daughters. I have been studying the web for over a decade. Now that I am 60 years old, I am starting to apply some of the knowledge that I have gained.
“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is to never stop questioning.” -Einstein.

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