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#QAnon #Brenden Dilley INTEL DROPS!! Canada On USA Radar ?Are We Being DUPED? You Decide

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#QAnon #BrendenDilley INTEL DROPS!! Canada On The U.S.A. Radar? Are We Being DUPED? You Decide


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“Canada is under the U.S. radar, from Q ANON. The globalists are endangering the country of Canada. Information posted by Billy Joyce, a Canadian. It is time for Canadians to swallow the Red Pill! Of course, the mainstream Canadian and world press are reporting nothing about these matters.”

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Prince Charming And His Taxes Justin Trudeau’s Flying Unicorn Hits A Storm


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Canada’s Liberal government is starting to make mistakes and suffer mishaps.

Image Credits Dave Simonds

This article appeared in The Americas section of the print edition under the headline “Trudeau’s flying unicorn hits a storm”



“TO OPPOSE the government of Justin Trudeau has been no fun. Canada’s prime minister has shrugged off controversies that would have hurt a less charismatic politician. Few Canadians seemed to mind when he accepted a helicopter ride from the Aga Khan to holiday on his private island in the Bahamas; most yawned when the government paid C$10.5m ($8.4m) to settle a lawsuit brought by a former inmate of Guantánamo. After a flattering cover story on Mr Trudeau appeared in Rolling Stone in July, Michelle Rempel, an MP from the opposition Conservative Party, vented her frustration: the press treats him and his team as “Prince Charmings who can do no wrong, all while flying through a rainbow on a unicorn”.”


Written By: The Americas





Please follow the link to read the original article. Under Fair Use.



Written By: The Americas




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Published on 15 Nov 2017






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