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Qanon Jan 14th – Assange + Chess + Hawaii + Trump + Pedogate w/ Michael Trimm


Free Background Stock. From The Shadows. Follow The White Rabbit.  Shadow Banning. #Censorship. #Trump-Derangement Syndrome. #Twitter, Google, YouTube, And The Deep State Are Guilty Of Shadow Banning.



“How powerful are the Trump Indictments? Listen to this! Two Saudi Princes who are mentioned in this release by the Trump government are legally fighting for their lives as the accusations that are unsealed in these indictments carry the Death Penalty in Saudi Arabia. The United States will leave no stone unturned in going after people who are involved in sex-trafficking, corruption related to the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One, and all of these matters.”

Patrick Ireland – Publisher of www.patrickirelandsreviews.com


Qanon Jan 14th – Assange + Chess + Hawaii + Trump + Pedogate w/ Michael Trimm


“The Michael Trimm Show is the future of the way people receive insight into modern times. Honesty. Integrity. Purpose. Please consider Super Chat as a means to interrupt the broadcast with your questions/comments AND support the channel at the same time! CBS is desperately trying to censor my 2017 Year In Review video. Bypass the censorship by viewing or listening to the broadcast using these alternative options below: 2017 Year In Review On YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=81PDue2lJB0 2017 Year In Review On DTube: d.tube/#!/v/realmiketrimm/ermzcd6e 2017 Year In Review on LBRY: lbry://@MichaelTrimmShow/2017-year-in-review 2017 Year In Review On Viuly: viuly.io/video/trumps-2017-ye…ce-exploration-35817 2017 Year In Review (MichaelTrimmShow.com) mts.yt/i/p2jS3Z”

Michael Trimm

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