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#QAnon – WEAK SLAVES & SHEEP-Edition! CLINTON Cover Up? / POTUS CPAC – Obama-Hezbollah Connection?

#QAnon – WEAK SLAVES & SHEEP-Edition! CLINTON Cover-Up? / POTUS CPAC – Obama-Hezbollah Connection?

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“CANADA’S RED PILL – Feb 23rd Late Night – Uploaded Feb 24th morning – Exploring the latest QAnon drops and how they relate to world events. POTUS CPAC speech segments as related to QAnon posts and a look at secret hidden messages being sent to Anons by President Trump…LONG VIDEO, but worth the watch… Broken into approximate time stamps below…. 0:003:25 Intro & recap of last video 3:2010:30 – President Trump holds note oddly…message to Anons and Artists? A little interactive digging for those who wish 10:3013:30 Post concerning HRC & 187 in 2010 13:3016:00 Post concerning CIA & Military Intelligence possibly/NSA preparing something? 16:0017:00 Litteral WARNING to Black Hats?? LOL 17:1022:30 THEY WANT US DIVIDED? / MKUltra to do it? – We can’t let that happen!! They want kids SCARED? Shame on them! 22:3029:50 People k**l people (Not guns)…WE watching a MOVIE?…they want us WEAK, SLAVE, SHEEP! Q alluding to FL incident? 30:0039:00 – Obama – Iran -Hezbollah Connection? Did Trump use Luciferian language or just realistic language in his address to CPAC? Did Trump allude to Obama Crimes tied to QAnon posts?? A discussion on SIN has thrown into the mix.”
Billy Joyce
Published on 24 Feb 2018








The Q anon Phenomenon: Pro-Trump Hope Porn?


In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

-George Orwell

QAnon-The QAnon Phenomenon: Pro-Trump Hope Porn?

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“The Internet buzz over Q anon has ramped up to new levels.  After a week of silence, Q posted new cryptic information on 4chan and 8chan over the weekend – information which suggests the “calm before” the storm has passed, and the storm is here.”







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