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Renal Diabetic Diet

Renal Diabetic Diet

Renal Diabetic Diet

Why it’s Important

A renal diabetic diet is necessary for anyone who has both chronic kidney disease and diabetes. It may seem like an immense challenge to manage two different dietary structures for these two conditions. However, it’s quite common for people to have both conditions.

The best route to take when it comes to finding a diet that will work for you is to look at the most important factors surrounding each of these conditions.

First, consider the diabetic portion of your dietary needs. For diabetics, one of the main dietary concerns is carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are broken down into sugars. Without careful management of the types of carbohydrates consumed, blood sugar levels can spike to dangerous levels.

Individuals who have diabetes need to restrict consumption of foods such as starches, sweets, milk products and similar foods. Avoid skipping meals and try to eat your meals around the same time each day. These methods will help to control diabetes.

The second portion of the dietary restrictions can help improve chronic kidney disease. Specifically, you need to reduce the amount of sodium, potassium and phosphorus eaten on a daily basis.

However, many of these nutrients come from carbohydrate rich foods. Individuals can improve their diets simply by knowing which foods they can and can’t consume.

Foods Low in Carbohydrates
Some foods are low in both potassium and phosphorus, and are safe for diabetics to consume in moderation. These foods are low in carbohydrates.

  • Apples, plums tangerines, most berries, and pineapples
  • Whole grain wheat breads and bagels
  • Crackers and dry cereal without sweeteners or salt added
  • Whole wheat pasta
  • Brown rice
  • Plain yogurt without added sweetener
  • Ice cream without added sugar
  • Sugar free pudding

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should consume only a low carbohydrate diet. Every diet needs to include protein and vegetables as well. Healthy proteins include poultry, fish, eggs and lean cuts of meat. Most vegetables are safe, too, including asparagus, carrots, beets, celery, cucumbers,and onions.

The Right Diet
For those who need a renal diabetic diet, it’s more important to focus on those foods you should eat. This includes whole wheat breads, pastas, cereals and rice. Avoid meats with high sodium and cheeses with high fats such as American, cheddar and swiss.

Look for fruits and vegetables that have low sugar content, too. Get help with kidney disease from a dietician for more help on your diet management.


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