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Renal Failure What It Means To You



Renal Failure



Renal failure is a type of kidney disease that occurs suddenly. It’s much different than chronic kidney disease, which takes months, if not years to progressively worsen. Throughout the time, the kidneys are functioning less and less.

With sudden kidney failure, something has brought on the sudden stopping of the kidneys from working. This condition is sometimes known as acute kidney injury to differentiate between the chronic conditions.

Several things can cause this condition to occur. Those include:

  • A sudden and significant drop in the amount of blood flow to the kidneys. This may occur due to a bad infection such as sepsis. IT can also occur if there is significant blood loss from an injury. Also, if the body is suffering from dehydration, the lack of fluids can intervene in kidney function.
  • A sudden blockage in the body that stops urine from leaving the kidneys can cause this failure. This includes tumors, kidney stones and enlarged prostates.
  • Damage to the kidney from medications, infections or from poisons can cause failure. In many cases, long term use of medications such as pain medications, antibiotics and blood pressure medications can lead to this failure.

What Are The Symptoms?
In many situations, this type of condition is diagnosed when another medical condition is found.

However, there are some types of symptoms present:

  • Little or no urine production is one of the most common symptoms.
  • You may have swelling in the legs and feet from water retention called edema.
  • Many people have nausea or vomiting, and don’t feel like eating.
  • You may have other symptoms such as feeling sleepy, restless or confused
  • Some have pain located at the back below the rib cage.

If you feel any of these symptoms, it’s important to get help for kidney disease right away. This will ensure that the condition can be medically aided as soon as possible.

How to Treat Renal Conditions
Doctors will focus in on treating renal failure by solving the underlying cause of the condition first, such as giving you medications to overcome the infections. However, the condition may lead to lasting problems in some people.

In many cases, doctors can offer treatment solutions for this condition that’ll get the kidneys back to working properly so that they can continue to work to remove excess fluids from your body.


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