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Share and Redistribute Your RSS Feeds To Thousands Of Bloggers on the Net


There are certain platforms on the Net that will not only distribute your RSS feeds to other networks, but will also target thousands of bloggers around the world. I love these free memberships, because they are in tune with the concepts of open source, and they also encourage the mass collaboration of information across the Net, between people who are in your profession.

Similar to Linked In and other social networks, why not create a social network that addresses your niche and market place, and encourages the sharing and distribution of your RSS feeds within your industry? This is a brilliant concept and I am delighted to share one of these networks with my readers today.

The first network is called, FeedBurner, www.feedburner.com On Feed Burner you can SmartCast your RSS feeds through your podcasts daily. It allows for creating attractive templates that will augment the appearance of your RSS feeds as they are distributed to literally thousands of bloggers just like you, who are attempting to share their blogs in a cooperative, and open source fashion, across the Net. Feed Burner comes with built in stats that will keep you apprised about the progress and success of your feed burner submissions. It also comes with an error checking mechanism that will validate the source feeds of your articles. The best thing of all, is that other bloggers source feeds will be shared on your site under the category, or them of your site.

There is another network that I have also discovered that I will write about later. Wishing all bloggers a productive time, as they navigate the tremendous resources that are available to all of us today.

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