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South Supermarket In Imus, Cavite

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My family and I have been shopping at this supermarket for almost two years. We decided together that it was time to post a positive review for our readers, about this grocery store facility. As a publisher here in the Philippines, I am always cognizant of the best places to spend our family’s money. We have three children and it is always important to follow a tight, family budget.

South Supermarket is located at East Aguinaldo Hwy., Brg. Anabu, 1-B, in the city of Imus. We have shopped at competing grocery chains, where on average, each item is marked up to 40 Pesos average price higher than at South Supermarket. We were able to analyze the price point differences over a period of two years shopping and comparing prices between South Supermarket and other large grocery chain supermarkets in Imus.  South Supermarket delivers a lower price on most items that we have compared, always delivering a savings in the grocery bills of our family.

South Supermarket also run interesting bonus contests and draws for their customers, which makes shopping at their store sometimes more fun for the family. Because it is a smaller grocery chain the administration are continually interested in promotions and customer relations. My wife won a cash prize towards our groceries, winning second place in one of their contests. The staff are friendly and always willing to help their customers when they have a question. In conclusion, South Supermarket is a market that our family recommends that you try for your grocery shopping needs. There is ample parking in their large parking lot and the mini mall has food Kiosks and interesting stores that you can visit. Try South Supermarket in Anabu and test their price point structure. You will be pleasantly surprised with the results!






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