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Strange Computer Code Discovered Concealed In Superstring Equations!

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Here is an interesting theory that is quite probably correct. The present, past and future all exist on the same plane. We live physically in the second dimension of physical reality that is accessing the third dimension of a particle reality, that is not solid, but consists of atoms and particles. This means that our minds create a physical two-dimensional world, that we are accessing through the third dimension.

Now imagine say 1,000 years in the future that humans have created and perfected quantum computers to the extent that they will have become capable of creating reality itself. As the present, past and future are all accessible on the same page of history, then it becomes possible that advanced humans in the future are creating our present reality using quantum computer codes. Therefore our present existence is the result of a super quantum computer being programmed by an advanced human race. This theory is now more probable than not, and closer to fact than fiction, based on our present knowledge of quantum physics and the discoveries that are being made in the present day.


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