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The Book Of Enoch

      Hidden in Plain Sight, is the Book of Enoch. He was Chosen by God to visit Heaven. Here is his story. We are only Free when we read the Word of God. Because the Lord gives us Free Minds  and a Free Will to Discern and Choose …

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The Global Tyranny

  by William F. Jasper 1992 from Scribd Website Contents Introduction The New World Army In the Name of Peace The UN Founders Reds The Drive for World Government Treaties and Treason The Global Green Regime The UN Grab for Your Child The UN War on Population The New World …

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A Prayer To God The Thrall Is Being Released Over The Face Of Our Beautiful Earth

    The Thrall, Apollyon, is being released on our Earth by the invisible forces of evil and satanic worship. World leaders, and some leaders of the Church have been beguiled by these worldly influences. as they plot and plan secretly to carry out evil deeds on our beautiful Earth. Our Earth …

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