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ANGRY ELITIST: Moneybags Threatens Legal Action Over Questions Surrounding Sale Of Morneau Shepell Shares

“It looks like all the stress is getting to Moneybags Morneau. As he dodges numerous ethics issues and avoids questions, he has seen his support among Canadians collapse, and more and more people think it’s time for him to go. Yet, instead of telling Canadians what assets he owns and clearing up any concern about potential conflicts, Morneau held a press conference where he made angry threats towards the Opposition party.”








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Written By Spencer Fernando















“After being threatened to do so Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre lays out the facts about Morneau Shepell outside the House walls. November 28, 2017. Interesting how the reporters were so desperately trying to bait Mr. Poilievre into publicly making an accusation of insider trading rather than sticking to questioning the facts. As if after hearing the facts Canadians are too stupid to not come to that conclusion themselves.”






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Liberal Minister “Morneau Doesn’t Even Know He’s In Trouble”





Conservative critic of the Liberals Pierre Poilievre is, “The Sentinel!” A real Canadian patriot, with Hutzpah and elephant-size stones!  Bravo!!



















The politics of the Liberal Party in Canada today is surreal, it is definitely, “Far Above The Clouds!”







Bill Morneau’s father sold 200K shares in family company days before tax changes announced.



Time for Morneau to go






“Full Exchange! Well worth the watch! In this episode of Avoid-Question Period, we have Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer and Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre questioning then eventually calling for the resignation of Liberal Finance Minister Bill ‘MoneyBags’ Morneau…Bravo!!! Although I am seriously embarrassed by Trudeau’s pathetic drama-queen performance, I am glad he’s too stupid to realize he just showed every Canadian just how passionate he can be, when it comes to defending corruption.”





EPIC!! Scheer & Poilievre vs Morneau & Trudeau
























Why Won’t Bill Morneau be Transparent?








Conservative Facts Results In Liberal Threats







Conservative MP Completely Unleashes On Trudeau & Morneau







Another full day of questions for the Finance Minister






Finance Minister Bill Morneau silent on stock sell-off before tax changes




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Written By Bruce Campion-Smith

Source: thestar.com



















Calls for Morneau’s resignation, Trudeau’s historic apologies | At Issue





Finance Minister Awarded With Another Ethics Investigation!







Political science says socialist governments are against the wealthy. In Canada that isn’t true.

















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