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The Antichrist Spirit of Barack Hussein Obama

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Barack Hussein Obama has been shadowing President Trump’s moves surrounding the G 20 Summit meetings. Barack Obama represents one of the hideous Antichrist spirits who are roaming the face of our earth, foreshadowing a world leader  who has become a Christian within the past 120 days and is charged by the Army of Yeshua and Yahweh, to help and heal this earth.


Of course he is foreshadowing President Trump, that is what one of the many Antichrist spirits on this earth are charged to do. Donald Trump is a new person in Christ, Yeshua. Having accepted the blood of Yeshua and acknowledged the existence of Yahweh, Donald Trump has become a new person in Christ, our Lord Yeshua. He is forgiven of all of his sins of the past and he is washed in the precious blood of redemption that our Savior shed his life for on this earth. I am a new Christian of nine months ago and I can relate personally to what Donald Trump is going through. Donald Trump is an emissary of God, the body of Yeshua and the Christ. Welcome to the kingdom Donald! As far as Obama is concerned, there is a very warm place waiting for him. God bless Donald Trump and his administration, and begone, you devils, and workers of iniquity!  Amen.



“Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creation.”

2 Corinthinans 5:17  K.J.V.







Prophecy – The Press Release.






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