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The Apostles Note

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The Apostles Note:


     Are there things the prophets, even the apostles know that they didn’t feel at liberty or where simply forbidden at unveiling. The Apostle Paul did confess of being in the paradise of God, II Cor. 12:4, that there were utterances he heard but wasn’t allowed to repeat? Although John the Beloved heard the utterances of the seven thunders, Rev. 10:4, he wasn’t allowed to write or make known what it was they said. Though Jesus himself did confess only God knew the day and hour of his return, he did tell what us what season and thus signs to look forward too. Doing the Bush administration and thus the war on the supposedly axis of evil, this one error/era the holy spirits explain, unto a new fear factor I was admonished to mark and I quote “17 and 7.”
     I’m beginning to think 2010 coming in as the end of the world was halted by God so like the four winds being held back until the sealing of the 144000, (see Haitian great quake, erupting volcanoes, hurricane Patricia) only because it’s fulfillment wasn’t ready, that these cataclysmic events will be restarted in full force between 2016 and 2017, once the bride is taken out, I know, once the bride is taken out, you must understand, holy spirits have been showing me the fulfillment of this blessed events by one astounding performance of Holy Spirits or another.
     Including my visiting heaven and heaven visiting me, first of all Jesus himself appearing to me as a Christ of resurrection with healing winds 1986, such to which I’ve come to realize wasn’t the beginning of my ministry or that of which I was made an example to, as so the church bride beginning, it was their end, I was seeing, witnessing and going on to experience the fulfillment of Jesus day that he will raise those dead, that’s sleeping in him on the last day, whereas the righteous living were also found worthy to escape, that for the last thirty years next spring. I’ve been living the final days of the dispensation of grace in reverse, sort like they, holy spirit rewind this astonishing gathering back to the days of the prophets yet having prophecies unto fulfillment.
     This of which would then explain Jesus handing me off to the prophet Ezekiel as I arrived there, thus like Jesus we’re only here to get as many as will believe to follow us to glory, as Jesus lament from the cross seeming ages ago “it is finished,” everything, and do mean everything the church bride will experience doing this escape, are all memories of which have been vaguely by this rewind brought back to my memories again I want to say the last thirty days, but no this revelation will explain phenomenon event always, even from childhood ordering my life.. you must remember just a couple years ago I remember being in heaven.
     I remember being a part of the marriage supper there, this divine celebration with the host of heaven in toll, we us discussing God’s Kingdom finally being realized on the planet. I don’t know, and I smile, because just as so is John testimonial of being caught up into heaven, that a door was open, and he heard a voice like a trumpet saying “come up here,” that then put the bride in heaven so what 2000 years as of Christ’s Cross, that we’re living there and working here, instead of the reverse, that we’re living here and gain our assignments from there, this I do know and have known I guess since my closet became so supernaturally divine there is a thin line, margin between God and His Anointed, so much o it’s barely noticeable. Apb, The RAM, that you be aware, that you repent, that you know an Apostle of Jesus Christ is among  you, as to pluck ambers from the burning, Apb.
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