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Why are we standing up against the New World Order, in whatever form that it may take? The answer is a simple one, we don’t want this Earth to be taken over by a Socialist, repressive One World Order political system. They are really banking capitalists, who wish to take all of the earth’s resources under the guise of Socialism. We don’t want an evil elite, who are sacrificing babies, to bring on the worship of Lucifer; they worship Satan and they are possessed by the Devil. We don’t want to be their slaves. We don’t want their depopulation agenda, the Creator made this Earth with plenty of room for everyone. We want to enjoy the freedom to worship our Creator who respects the formation of the family unit, and who respects our humanity.

Larry Nichols sums it all up beautifully at the end of this video, we want our world to be a safe place where our children and our grandchildren, and our greatgrandchildren can live, in the glorious freedom that the Creator meant us to live, within a world that is free! Let freedom ring on this Earth and into the heavens! We were born free men by a Creator who asserted our freedom on this Earth and in the other world. Do not attempt to take our humanity and freedom away from us, or you will regret it! My two children will live in a world that is free and I am willing to fight to the death to protect their freedoms in the future.

God bless President Donald Trump, he is a very brave man indeed! Imagine, he did not have to become president and find himself in the crosshairs of an evil Shadow Government regime. He could have continued to make billions in private industry and have continued to live a safe and fruitful life. He has put his own life on the line for the love of his country, he is a visionary and a great American patriot. This man is a hero, not only to the Americans but to others around this Earth. He is not the Savior, but he is a Savior, in the sense that the Jews explained. Here is one man who has turned the entire economy of a dying country completely around, within the period of seven months time. This is a remarkable, if not a miraculous accomplishment, do you not think that God has something to do with this?  God bless the majority of the American people who are not falling for the deceptions that are being created by the Shadow Government. God bless America for wanting change, all people who love freedom on this Earth are fighting by your side, always! Semper fi!


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