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: The Donald Trump Deception and the 2016 Election Hoax







Donald Trump is one of the participants in the New World Order’s stage of development of the “multipolar world.” The next stage of development as crafted by Albert Pike from the multipolar world, is the new world order. Donald Trump is of course, part of the elite, how can that truth be denied? It would be naieve for anybody to deny that Donald Trump is a member of the elite. There is evidence that he may have aligned himself to represent the interests of some of the globalists. How can we assume as intelligent human beings that he was really an independent player with no political affiliations whatsoever, before he joined to become a republican? Trump aligned himself with the democrats before he became a republican, he has always played the political game. Having expressed his strong national concerns about the present condition of the United States, Donald Trump has also envisioned himself doing some good things against the new world order.

Since he is presently in the multipolar stage of Albert Pike’s destiny plan for the United States, he can still continue to do some good for the United States at a national level. We have not reached the last stage of Pike’s new world order plan, which is slated to take effect by the year 2030, according to the United Nations. Many of us believe that the new world order will not succeed to be created by that date, and that the world will revert to nationalism, rejecting the precepts of a one world one government new world order, run by a Luciferian regime.

The problem with the world is that we have strayed away from a belief in God, allowing secularism and the worship of the antithesis to God, which is Lucifer, to creep into our earth. Christianity alone cannot ameliorate the situation, there must be a revolution against the new world order proponents that materializes, coming from the majority of secular and Christian interests in the world. It will take a massive revolutionary response to stop the development of the new world order from reaching its peak stage, before it comes to fruition and becomes a reality.

Donald Trump will go whichever way the wind blows in order to maintain his popularity and power. He is in it to win it, he would like to complete two terms of his presidency. Donald Trump is a product of the Hegelian perspective in the world, he has played both sides of the political issues, in order to favor the controlling mechanisms. If the revolution takes place, Donald Trump will fall in with the majority and the new world order will fail. If the last stage of Pike’s dream after the multipolar stage is completed and reached, then Donald Trump will fall into the opposite scenario. It is really up to the people of this earth to decide, “do we want to establish a new world order as the Satanist Albert Pike had proposed and planned through stages in our history?  Or do we wish to reject the inception of the new world order, before it has a chance to reach that stage?” We the people of this earth are the final ones that are in charge of the end result; we can be passive conformists, or we can vehemently object to the establishment of a new world order, and it will fail. The final decision does not rest with Donald Trump, it is up to the people of the world to decide. We are the only true resistance on this earth and we are jointly more powerful than all of the elite in this world.


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