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The Dulce Book – A Dulce Base Security Officer Speaks Out – Part 1
























“The outer space stuff is nonsense, they are all inter dimensional entities, (demons). However, the information about Dulce Underground base and the interconnected underground facilities in the United States is accurate. The deception has already happened that the elite  have accepted that these things are from outer space, when they are from Sheol. These entities are deceptive liars, what else would we expect from the followers of Lucifer? They are earthbound, evil spiritual beings. They have powers and are technologically advanced because they are owned by the principality that is Lucifer, the light bearer, who roams this world.  They are pushing the agenda for the establishment  of a New World Order one world government, and a takeover of our world; all of the human corporate elite are the ones who are going along with this plan. This proves how ignorant and deceived these people are, (the fact that the demons worship Lucifer should further “illuminate,” the Illuminati).  There are two nations in the United States, the traditional grass roots America established by the founding fathers, and the fascist, Bavarian Lodge underground nation led by corporate government, which is contesting the original America on its own soil (The New World Order who worshi Lucifer). Some predict a civil war between these two factions that may soon occur in the United States. Trillions of U.S. tax payers dollars have been used to fund these New World Order facilities, extracted from American taxpayers through the Federal Reserve, that is operated through the United States shadow government. This is not hyperbole, this is a fact. This war will provoke an armed United Nations conflict which will result in a New World Order invasion of the United States. This falls within the stated plans of the U.N. Iron Mountain Document of 1956, and the new plans of the U.N. outlined in their 2029 blueprint, and in the U.N. Agenda 21. However one looks at this situation it is dire, the enemies of humanity have almost already accomplished their goal in the short term. However, the final victory will take place when our Lord Jesus Christ intervenes, returning to earth to destroy the evil that has been festering on our world. Please watch this entire video for more historical and pertinent details, outlining in more detail the plan for this takeover of the world. Unfortunately, this information is accurate. This includes the intention to depopulate the world down to half a billion people by 2029 (which is supported by the United Nations 2029 plans). The New World Order plans to murder five and a half billion men, women, and children on this planet (within the next twelve years time), including all Christians and people of faith. in order to establish a one world worship of Lucifer, Satan, the devil. They wish to totally destroy Christianity and establish a totalitarian world government that is controlled by the corporate elite. Please don’t take my word for it, examine the facts for yourself.”


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Roots of the Bavarian symbol representing the New World Order.

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