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The Philippines Can Take Great Pride In Providing Sambong Tea, To The World




There is no doubt, and most of the experts would agree, that Sambong Tea is a miracle tea. Derived from the Sambong Leaf, that grows prolifically in the Philippines, where we live. Sambong is a natural, herbal tea that provides relief to people who are suffering from problems originating from their urology tracts. It is a natural diuretic herbal tea, that really works! It opens the way, so that people who may suffer from conditions that may improve their ability to expel waste products from their bodies, and to feel better.

These conditions may include people with Kidney problems, who have a tendency to suffer from these symptoms. People suffering from the symptoms of Diabetes may also benefit from drinking Sambong Tea. This tea is beneficial in maintaining a healthy urological system for men who are over the age of 50. I benefit greatly, and I have been taking the tea, four times a day for the past 20 years. I personally believe that taking four cups of this tea every day, can keep people off dialysis, due to the extreme benefits of partaking of this great natural product from the Philippines, where I live.

This is the brand that I have taken for almost a quarter of a century, Golden Spoon brand. This is one of the purest and strongest derivatives of this miracle herb. Wishing everyone the best of health and prosperity.

Patrick Ireland

(This is a personal testimonial, based on my own experiences using this product. I am not making any medical, or pharmaceutical claims whatsoever, as I am not a medical doctor).



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