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The Seal of Yah, God’s Promise Of Protection. Faith Begins With A Mustard Seed, Then It Grows Into A Mustard Tree. Trust In Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

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What does it mean to be covered by the seal of Yah? Belief in Jesus Christ as our savior is an act of faith. It is an action that transforms the believer forever. When accepted, Christ is one with you and your family. It only takes one member to accept that Jesus is our Lord and Father. My connection is immutable, my faith covers me and my family.

We live in terrible times, because the Devil is now roaming this earth. We fight not only Psy Wars, or the psychological barrage of the New World Order, we are also fighting powers and principalities. That is why I have gleaned myself and my family unto the Lord. Our Lord Jesus is not the reason for the tribulations that are affecting this earth, it is Lucifer who is causing all of the angst on our earth today. The tribulations and evil are not come from God or through our belief in Jesus, our Savior, who sacrificed himself as a living example so that we could be forgiven of our sins; the malaise on this earth is coming from Lucifer, who roams this world seeking to devour the souls of unbelievers in Jesus and God.

I urge everyone to accept that Jesus is the only way to reach our spiritual God. We are in the last days and events are unfolding quickly now with respect to the fact that we are in the time of the end of days. We know not how long these days will linger before the second coming of Christ. That is up to God, but please accept Jesus today. In the end of times there are only two choices left on this world, to follow Jesus and God or to follow the Devil, Lucifer. It only takes one seed in each family to germinate into the tree of Life. Choose Life and not death, choose to follow Yah, and your family will be sealed and protected, forever. God keeps his promises to us.  God bless all of the readers of this blog. May you all have peace and love and acceptance into the body of Christ. We are forming a great spiritual army to fight the New World Order and the Luciferians. Join us and receive the protection of the eternal God now, who is forever.




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