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The Top Secrets To Backing Up Your Computer, Using Free Software – Revealed!

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Attention: Print out this page and then follow these instructions to the letter.



I have wanted to write this article for quite some time. Here is the best way to backup your bookmarks, use Mojave Bookmarks which is available in Google Chrome and in Firefox extensions. You will be able to access all of your bookmarks easily in the event of a local crash of your computer. If your hard drive fails, you can access all of your saved bookmarks on a completely new system, by simply accessing them on Mojave’s Cloud server, by entering your email and password. I will never lose my invaluable bookmarks in the event that my hard drive crashes, ever again.

Here is the best way to backup your local computer, using only software. The programs that I recommend for cleaning and backing up your computer are Crap Cleaner and Wise Disk Cleaner, and Wise Registry Cleaner. These three cleaning programs are totally free software and they provide the best and safest programs to utilize in backing up your computer using software. Always employ a 1 terabyte (1,000 MB) external hard drive in order to take an executable backup of your entire system that can execute a full system backup or a cloning backup of your entire C drive. I will go into which software program to use with your external backup later on in this article.

Here is how to utilize the Crap Cleaner, Wise Disk Cleaner and Wise Registry Cleaner in order to back up your system. First, execute a complete cleanup of your hard drive. There is a free hard drive cleaning software program called Free Disk Cleaner 2017 by Gilisoft software, version 9.20. It will completely clean all of the zero byte files off your hard drive. This free hard drive cleaner can be easily downloaded from CNET Downloads. This is the first step to take in cleaning your hard drive of zero byte useless files. Do it!

The next step is to make sure that you have Crap Cleaner downloaded on your computer. This software will safely clean you computer and it works very quickly. Do not use other registry or cleaning software other than those software’s which I am recommending that you use in this article. Most of the other registry cleaners are sub standard and they may ruin your registry. I am promoting these because I am an expert in using software to clean my system, please follow my advice to the letter. Make sure that the cleaners that you download to your computer are compatible with your OS systems. I use Windows 10 so please check the OS compatibility before you download these software’s.

You can download most of these free cleaners on CNET Download or you may find them directly on the developer’s site. Go to Wise Software company to download the free cleaners that I am recommending. Download the free version of Wise Disk Cleaner to your computer next, the free version is Version 9.51.671.
Run this cleaner after you have run Crap Cleaner, it is fully compatible with using CC. Run Common Cleaner option first, after that run Advanced Cleaner option. After that, run Slimming Option and Disk Defragmentation. The initial disk defragemtation takes quite awhile, but it is worth the wait. After you have completed using the Wise Disk Cleaner go on to the next software that is to be used in conjunction with all of the aforementioned.

You can download the free version of Wise Registry Cleaner from the Wise website, the free version is version 9, and it is available for download to your computer. Please check for OS compatibility with your machine before effecting the download. First run the Registry Cleaner in the Wise software, then run the System Tuneup option, after that run the Registry Defragment option. After the software defragment option is run, your system will reboot in order to complete the process. Reboot your computer then go back to the opening page of the Wise Registry Cleaner software.

Now here is the best part, you are going to love this!  At the top of the opening page of Wise Registry Cleaner is a black bar with several symbols to the right left. Go to the fourth symbol which resembles a small striped box with an arrow pointing inwardly on the bottom right of the box.  Click with your mouse and you will find the options that you need to take a free System Restore Point of your entire computer system. This is under the option of Backup on the list. Click that Backup and you will see System Restore and Registry backup options presented. Click on the System Restore option first and immediately a manual restore point will be taken of your entire computer, and it is totally free! I guarantee that this system restore point is deadly accurate. I have tested it many times on my own computer system. Nobody does it better than Wise software, in taking a System Restore point to manually back up your entire computer, do it!

After the System Restore point has been taken using your free Wise software, then go back to the Backup Option and you will see Registry Backup. Click on the Registry Backup icon and immediately, Wise Registry Cleaner will completely take a Registry backup of your entire computer’s registry, and safely compress your registry at the same time. Nobody does a full registry backup as well as Wise free software, it is the best available in the industry!  After that you can see your backups under the Restore tab in the software. Voila, you are done!

If you have followed these instructions to the letter you have now succeeded in taking a complete internal backup of your entire system’s information, using completely free software. Not only have you succeeded but you have also backed up your computer with the best available and safest software on the market, using CC and Wise Disk Cleaner, and Wise Registry Cleaner. Here is another freebie!

Remember that I recommended that you use a 1 terabyte external hard drive as part of your backup system? This is the only cost that you will have to incur in my advice that is given for free in this article. Go to a computer hardware store and purchase a compact Verbatim external hard drive with a capacity of 1,000 MB. Buy it, you need it! Make sure that you run the format command on your external drive before you take the backup.

Go to CNET Download and download a free software called EaseUs Todo Backup Free. The version is 10.5, download it, because you need it! This is probably the best and easiest backup software that is available to protect your entire system. Please check your OS compatibility before proceeding with the download. Now with the free version you can take one full system backup to your external hard drive. Take the backup set and make sure that it has completed properly. Keep the backup set on your external hard drive in case your disk fails and you need to transfer your backup to another computer. That is it, you are done! This article has provided every reader of this blog with the perfect suite of mostly free software programs that will protect and backup your computer for prosperity. Enjoy!




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