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The Shining: Room 237 2012 Documentary

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Is there any doubt that the Hollywood filmmaking industry began to condition and influence the masses through symbolic,  and M.K. Ultra types of subliminal conditioning messages? We have been controlled and manipulated through the Eye of Horus at the top of the Illuminati Pyramid. Hollywood and the music industry have promoted these hierarchies. The films that were created by Stanley Kubrick, include a lot of subliminal programming that has assisted the advancement of the globalist agenda on this Earth. Many of Kubrick’s films have encouraged the atheists, the Luciferians, and the banking and political elite of the New World Order, to perpetuate their various systems of control over the Worlds population.

Stanley Kubrick played a pivotal role in creating the fake production and facility surrounding the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon. We must also keep in mind that Kubrick could have been a victim of M.K. Ultra mind control that was imposed on him by the New World Order. After participating in the Illuminati fakery of the Apollo 11 Moon landing, Stanley Kubrick would have met his untimely demise at the hands of the New World Order, had he blown the whistle on the fraud that he had helped to encourage against the population of the entire Earth. The Illuminati and the New World Order do one thing very well, they are good at killing people, as we have seen time and time again, scumbags that they are. They are against all of the humanity and their actions will become as infamous as those of the worst murderers in our history, such as Mao, Genghis Khan, and Adolph Hitler.

Being awakened to these facts, I can no longer watch a Hollywood movie because I have developed a strong aversion to the experience of being conditioned through these methods. I would rather be the person uncovering the programming than to become a victim of the programming. Stanley Kubrick was a genius, with an I.Q. of over 200. Was Stanley Kubrick attempting to expose the Illuminati in his films, or was he providing a training ground for the New World Order to begin using the Hollywood filmmaking industry as a silent weapon in order to promote their nefarious agenda? Either answer could be correct, I will not judge him, however, there is little doubt that Hollywood has glommed onto these methods and they have inculcated these subliminal tricks into the modern cinematic industry of today in the 21st. century.

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A Clockwork Orange, Clockwork Hearts.





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