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The Signs Are Evident Everywhere, We Are Being Offered An Opportunity To Save This Planet, And Ourselves




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When our awareness reaches our psyches, that is the time when humanity must stand up and begin to pay attention. There have been many signs recently, the election of Donald Trump and the defeat of the democrats encompassing one of these signals.  The rise of president Trump may alone have been one eminent signal of the final defeat of terrorism in this world. Have we paid attention? Also evident is that president Trump will make world peace with Russia and many other nations as a result of his strength in leadership. He will begin to heal the United States, and improve that economy as it deserves.

We have also been reading much material about cosmic events that have acted as a warning to the world to begin taking action towards working for peace and to begin assuming a consciousness about saving this planet. Yes, our planet is becoming degraded due to the activities of humans on the blue marble. Pollution and hydro carbons have continued to degrade our atmosphere and chemicals continue to poison our clean waters. It is not due only to the issue of global warming, the endemic problem has been the lack in motivation by governments around the world to take the needed steps to ameliorate these problems. The recent address by Leonardo Di Caprio as a UN ambassador began to address these issues on a global scale as the governments of many countries around the world are now engaged in taking the right direction in helping us all to heal this planet.

The last issue is the awareness by Christians all over this planet about the Biblical truths that underlie and encompass these signs that we are now seeing. Many Christians believe that we are in the last days of Revelation as written in the Bible. Storms have increased all over the world and the mother Earth, Gaia this planet that we all love, has become spiritually and physically ill, due to the works of mankind. Some people as myself, who were unsure about their belief in God, who may have been agnostic before viewing these recent world events, have now turned to God and are praising him every day. A lack of faith has been part of the problem that has resulted in the illness of this world. There are worsening events such as the earthquake that affected New Zealand today, measuring over 7.4 points on the Richter Scale. God through our beloved planet is providing us with many signals that things are wrong. Floods, and storms can be conceived to be the tears coming from God, informing us of the signs that he is attempting to convey to all of the people of this Earth.

We are in trouble, we sense it on a deeper spiritual level and on a surface level as well. When are we going to begin paying attention to these important signals? Not only do we have to be concerned about what is happening to our governments, our beautiful planet Earth, we also have to be concerned about what will happen to our souls. Will we choose God when the final day arrives? Will that portal open and allow us and our families souls to travel to heaven, or will we be going in the opposite direction? God bless the Earth and all of its inhabitants. May God Almighty protect us all and help us to begin healing our planet and our spiritual selves. The time is near, must we continue to be far away from our Father, or love him completely and begin to follow in his ways, as we approach the final days?

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