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Three PUM Attacks on my Users/StartUp Programs Of My Main Computer Yesterday.

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Some entity is attempting to shut down my capacity to report the news. I discovered three PUM attacks on my Users Startup Programs file this morning. What makes this noteworthy is that my primary antivirus program had stopped working, and most of the programs in my startup folder were not opening at Windows start on my computer. One of my main proprietary antimalware programs would not load its scanning defense on my computer.

After discovering the problem I quickly realized that my primary antivirus program and my MBAM were infected with PUMs’. I did not know how many PUM breaches had occurred so I continued my investigation. I immediately uninstalled my primary antivirus program and my proprietary MBAM program. I manually went through my Start Up Programs and I discovered three PUM malware programs had been installed on my computer since yesterday. I removed the malware from my computer’s Regedit programs, I did a complete cleaning of my system and restarted my computer. My computer was clean again!

PUMs’ are very dangerous Adware programs that can give an attacker complete access to your files. I installed a new antivirus program and ran a scan and my computer was completely clean of any infections. If you are going to remove PUM programs you must first determine if they are good or bad. A good PUM may be a software that the user has placed on his computer in order to allow remote-viewing or operations of his computer system. How do you determine if a PUM is good or bad? Simple, use three software programs that I personally recommend in order to complete the task. If you are a beginner at determining problems on your computer, I would not recommend that you go into your registry and begin erasing programs that you may think are harmful but may be necessary for the proper operation of your computer. If you remove vital files from your system you will have to reload Windows.

Following is the answer to determine if PUMs’ that have been planted on your computer are harmful and should be removed. First download ADW Cleaner by MBAM, run the free software and it should detect any harmful PUMs’ that are residing in your machine. Secondly, download the free version of MBAM and run a full scan using this antimalware software. Finally, run Adlice’s excellent free antimalware program called, Rogue Killer. This great program will put the final nail in the coffin of your harmful PUM implants, and send them to Hell where they belong!

I hope that this article will be of help to many people who are dealing with a similar problem as I have encountered. One last thing, for the overall protection of your computer you must also download a program called, Keyscrambler Protection. This excellent program thwarts keyloggers from being installed on your computer as is encrypts and scrambles all of your keystrokes on your keyboard, as you are typing. Hackers cannot decrypt the information because it is scrambled to their view if they are able to succeed in accomplishing a brute-force takeover of your login. Have a nice day and happy computing to all!


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