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Time for Morneau to go

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Bill Morneau’s father sold 200K shares in family company days before tax changes announced.



“Andrew Scheer walked up to a podium outside the House of Commons on Wednesday and did what has seemed inevitable for months. After the drip, drip, drip of problems for the finance minister, Scheer called for Bill Morneau to go.

“I am officially calling on Bill Morneau to resign as finance minister,” Scheer told reporters. ” And if he won’t step down, it’s Justin Trudeau’s responsibility to remove Bill Morneau from his post.”

It was an escalation that had been building all week as the Opposition launched an attack that amounted to an accusation of insider trading; noting that Morneau dumped $10 million worth of Morneau Shepell stock just a week before tabling a motion to raise taxes on the rich.

The Conservatives say that pending tax hike caused the stock market to tumble and Morneau avoided a loss of about $500,000 by selling early.”

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Written By David Cochrane

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