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Time Travel Chronovisor Inter-life Dimensions Charlotte Keppel Invented The Chronovisor

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YouTube quantum reality. Our minds create reality as we pass moment, by moment. All that we see consists of floating atoms and molecules until we apply our mind’s focus on an idea or a concept, then, our minds create that reality in the moment, and the visual information appears. We constantly interact and communicate between parallel worlds every day. We are always gleaning information from the other side, without even being conscious of doing so. We live in a quantum world.

I have noticed that a number of YouTube links do not work in the viewer when I attempt to embed those videos into my YouTube channel in the present time. I receive an error message that the YouTube video does not exist, therefore the embed link will not work.Those videos do not embed because they appear through my concentration, but they have come in from a YouTube channel in a parallel reality.  They will not embed under any circumstances although they can appear in the URL section of my computer. I believe that the computer allows us to view materials from another parallel universe. The reason why the embed will appear in the computers URL is that computer codes have not changed in the future because they are universal; that is why we can view the video in our present time on our machines. However, the embed coding that YouTube uses in our present reality is programmed in a way that differs from the embed coding that is utilized in the parallel reality from which the video is coming into our present world. I believe that my theory is correct in the quantum sense of what I have been observing.

So for the life of me, I cannot embed and share the video, Time Travel – Chronovisor – Inter-Life Dimensions – Rare Footage, with my viewers on YouTube, because I cannot embed the video into my YouTube account because according to YouTube, the video does not exist. I believe that YouTube is aware that these uncatalogued videos are coming in, but are at a loss to explain why this is happening. For any of the so-called pragmatists, who believe that they can explain their cookie-cutter approach about their existence, we all actually live in a much stranger reality than most of us may be aware of. I was able to embed Charlotte Keppel’s documentary, so please enjoy viewing that information. It is quintessential in helping us to explain how the Nazis obtained some of their information and technologies about time travel in our early history.


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